Physical Therapy Tips For Seniors to Improve Their Mobility

Physical Therapy Warren County VA

Physical Therapy Warren County VA

One of the most important things for seniors to do if they want to continue to live independently at home is to work on their mobility. Seniors may not able to stop natural aging from taking a toll on their mobility. However, there are things, like physical therapy, that helps protect their mobility and keep it as long as possible. If your senior parent wants to continue to be able to move around easily on their own as they get older, here are a few ideas to get them active.


Yoga is one of the best ways for senior to protect their mobility. Yoga can be modified so that any senior can do it regardless of their physical challenges. The stretching poses of yoga will help seniors stay flexible while also keeping important muscle groups like the core muscles strong. Seniors don’t need to be in perfect shape in order to do yoga. There are modified yoga routines that can be done in chairs or even in bed that still will help improve a senior adult’s flexibility and range of motion. There are also streaming yoga workouts that can be done at home or seniors can join a yoga class designed for seniors.


Exercise is vital for staying mobile, and the best thing that seniors can do to maintain their mobility is walk. It’s not necessary to engage in strenuous workouts. Just walking is enough to help seniors stay mobile, if they are walking every day. Being sedentary is what can cost seniors their mobility. Taking a brisk 30 minute walk every day can have better results for seniors than a strenuous workout that’s only done a couple of times each week. Seniors who want to stay mobile need mobile and get walking.

Strength Training

Strength training, or lifting weights, is a great exercise for seniors because it keeps muscles strong. It might seem like lifting weights or using bodyweight to strengthen muscles isn’t going to help a senior’s mobility, but it does. When seniors are actively strength training they are building up the muscle tissue in their legs, arms, and core. Those muscles are what will keep seniors moving as they get older. A regular strength training practice combined with yoga or stretching and daily walks will help any senior improve their mobility and stay mobile longer.

Physical Therapy

Seniors should be doing physical therapy whether or not they’ve had a fall or an injury. After a a fall or an injury physical therapy helps seniors get their physical strength and flexibility back so that they can move freely and easily again. But doing physical therapy may prevent injuries and falls so that seniors don’t have to go through the excruciating pain of a fall and weeks of rehab after a fall. Physical therapy is available at home so that seniors can do supervised physical therapy in their own home and don’t need to go to a medical appointment to get physical therapy.

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Julie McCormick, Co-Owner