Encouraging Seniors to Embrace Face-to-Face Contact

Elder Care in Pavilion MI

Elder Care in Pavilion MI

While there are numerous methods to stay in touch in today’s world thanks to technology, nothing compares to the feeling one gets when meeting friends and loved ones face-to-face. However, the lingering fears from the pandemic, worsening medical conditions, and emotional distress might cause seniors to steer clear of face-to-face contact and rely on technology instead. Unfortunately, doing so can be detrimental to their emotional and mental well-being. The good news is that there are a few things that elder care and loved ones can do to gently move seniors away from technology and get them out in the real world again.

Plan Frequent Family Get-Togethers

Having family get-togethers is one of the best methods to guarantee seniors have regular in-person interactions. Simple get-togethers like monthly picnics or weekly dinners can be just as successful as elaborate occasions. Loved ones can urge everyone in attendance to put their electronics aside and concentrate on spending time together.

Participate in Community Activities

Many local community centers host senior-focused events. Seniors can make lifelong friends and meet new people by taking part in activities such as gardening classes, knitting clubs, and book groups. These exchanges can give them a sense of community and greatly improve their social lives. For those seniors who no longer drive, elder care can transport them to and from the events.


One excellent way for seniors to remain engaged and active is through volunteering. In addition to increasing their in-person encounters, volunteering at local shelters, libraries, or schools also gives seniors a feeling of fulfillment and purpose.

Promote Interests in Activities With Others

Seniors can interact with people who have similar interests to their own through their hobbies. Both elder care and loved ones can help seniors find situations within the community that foster social connections, such as card games, craft classes, or walking clubs. These situations can bring about many meaningful conversations as well as make new memories for seniors.

Encourage Intergenerational Bonds

Seniors and younger generations can greatly benefit from one another’s connections—and from less digital time. Loved ones can make plans for grandkids to interact with their grandparents, whether it be through conversation, project work, or something else, like baking cookies. Additionally, seniors might be able to connect with their grandchildren in a school setting through volunteering.

Encourage a Relationship with Neighbors

In this day and age, many neighbors don’t speak as often as they used to. Elder care can encourage seniors to connect with their neighbors by getting to know them themselves. This not only gives seniors comfortability in their neighborhood, but it also adds another support person who might be able to help in times of need.

Be Consistent

Ultimately, there are instances when being present is the best approach to promoting in-person interaction. Loved ones should schedule frequent visits and urge other family members to follow suit. While seniors might initially balk at the idea, they will soon begin to understand the benefits these visits and connections offer.

Nothing beats the feeling of warmth and belonging that comes from face-to-face contact. While technology certainly has its place and offers many benefits as well, it’s essential for home care and loved ones to encourage seniors to put their devices down and enjoy in-person contact as well.


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Julie McCormick, Co-Owner