The Benefits Of Home Health Care For Seniors With Parkinson’s

Home Health Care in Warren County VA

Home Health Care in Warren County VA

If your senior parent has Parkinson’s disease and is living at home, home health care can be invaluable to their quality of life. For seniors with Parkinson’s getting out to the doctor’s office for routine health care can be very challenging. It can also put them at risk for falling or getting hurt.

Home health care makes it possible for seniors who have illnesses like Parkinson’s to get some routine health care done at home. When seniors can have routine care at home, it’s easier for them and easier for family caregivers. Some of the benefits of home health care for seniors with Parkinson’s are:

Medication Management

Parkinson’s disease often requires multiple medications that have to be given on a strict schedule to manage symptoms such as tremors, stiffness, and bradykinesia. Home health care providers can make sure that your senior parent gets the medications they need on schedule. With medication management administered by a health care professional your senior parent will get the best possible care at home.

Help Getting Around Safely

Parkinson’s disease can cause mobility issues, including difficulty walking, balance problems, and freezing of gait. Home health aides can help your senior parent get around the house, to the bathroom, and to the kitchen safely. They can also show your senior loved one how to safely use canes, walkers, and other assistive devices.

Physical Therapy

Home health care agencies often help seniors work on muscle exercises and movements that can help them stay flexible and mobile longer. Home health care workers can work with your senior parent’s physical therapist to develop exercise programs to improve balance and coordination too.

Speech Therapy

Parkinson’s disease can affect speech and swallowing function, leading to difficulties with communication and eating. Speech therapists and home health care workers can work with seniors to improve speech clarity, voice projection, and swallowing function through exercises and techniques.

Fall Prevention

Seniors with Parkinson’s disease are at increased risk of falls due to balance and gait disturbances. Home health care providers can assess the home environment for fall hazards, help families create safety plans for seniors, and educate the family about how to keep their senior parent safe at home. They can also help seniors transfer safely in and out of bed and help them get around the house.

Family Education and Support

Home health care providers can educate family members on Parkinson’s disease, its symptoms, and management strategies. They can offer guidance on how to best support their loved one’s needs and provide resources for additional support services and community resources.

Care Coordination

Your senior parent will likely need care from several different specialists to treat their Parkinson’s disease. A home health care worker can help all of your senior parent’s care team talk to each other and work together to make decisions about medication and other treatments. Your senior parent also can rely on home health care workers to advocate for them to their doctors.

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Julie McCormick, Co-Owner