What are the Benefits of Physical Therapy at Home?

Physical Therapy in Winchester City VA

Physical Therapy in Winchester City VA

There are many different medical conditions that could require your senior parent to have physical therapy in order to recover their mobility or strength. After a fall, a senior may need physical therapy so that they can move freely on their own again. Or, they may need physical therapy at home after a stroke or a heart attack.

It’s not always necessary for a senior to go to a physical therapist’s office or a specialty facility to get the physical therapy they need. Physical therapy at home is a great option for seniors that have trouble getting out of the house to go to appointments.

Here are some of the benefits of physical therapy at home for seniors:

No Transportation Issues

If your senior loved one has a physical therapist come to the house to work with them you won’t have to struggle to figure out transportation for your senior loved one. Arranging appointments, taking time off of work, and struggling to get seniors to their appointments can be very difficult for family caregivers. When seniors get physical therapy at home it frees up a lot of time and saves family members a lot of hassle.

No Concerns About The Weather

You and your senior loved one won’t have to worry about the weather if your senior loved one is getting physical therapy sessions at home. Seniors won’t have to go outside in the cold or the rain or in the summer heat. And family members won’t have to worry about the road conditions or how long it will take them to get a senior loved one to and from the doctor’s office.

More Comfortable

Seniors are almost always more comfortable doing physical therapy at home instead of a doctor’s office or in a gym with a lot of other people. Since most physical therapy doesn’t require a lot of equipment almost any senior can do their exercises at home. Being at home means that your senior loved one can wear the clothes they are comfortable in and they won’t have the stress of getting to the office weighing on them. Instead they can focus on doing the exercises as best as they can and building up their strength.

Better Workout

With one on one attention from a physical therapist at home, and with their own equipment in a comfortable setting, seniors will get a much better workout. Seniors that can work out at home and work on doing exercises that will help them keep their mobility or get it back after an accident or stroke. Your senior loved one may get results faster from physical therapy at home when they don’t have to manage the hassles of leaving the house and getting to appointments.

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Julie McCormick, Co-Owner