How Seniors Can Avoid Kitchen Accidents at Home

Home Care Assistance in Arlington County VAFor seniors living at home, the kitchen is one of the two most dangerous rooms in the house. The other is the bathroom. Seniors who are trying to heat up food, prepare meals, make coffee or tea, or use the microwave can very easily fall in the kitchen or have other accidents. All it takes is a senior who has poor grip strength dropping a glass or a senior who forgets to turn the toaster oven off and seniors get hurt very quickly.

Home care assistance is something that all seniors aging in place should have to help prevent accidents, especially in the kitchen. Seniors who have home care assistance can do as much cooking or meal preparation as they are comfortably able to do. But, they will have the support of a trained home care provider to help with the tasks they aren’t able to do. Home care assistance lowers the risk of kitchen accidents for seniors. Seniors can also lower the risk of kitchen accidents by using these tips:

Organize the Kitchen for Your Senior Parent

Keep the kitchen well-organized and put all frequently used items within easy reach for your senior parent. If your senior parent can easily reach things they need like mugs, teabags, coffee filters, pots and pans, gadgets, glasses, and so on then they won’t have to strain, reach, or risk falling to get what they need.

Non-slip Flooring is a Must

Non-slip mats are something every senior should have in the kitchen. Water spills, sauces slosh out of pans, things drop when seniors are taking them out of the fridge and all of those accidents make the floor wet. Wet floors are a major fall risk for seniors. Non-slip mats are easy on the feet and easy to clean to help prevent falls.

Upgrade the Lighting

If your senior parent’s kitchen is looking dim it’s time to change up the lighting. Install under cabinet lighting. Chance the bulbs in overhead lights so they are brighter. Good visibility reduces the risk of missteps and helps seniors to see potential hazards before they cause accidents.

Get Lighter Cookware

Unless your senior parent is cooking gourmet meals for the family they probably don’t need heavy professional-quality cookware. Smaller and lighter pots and pans are easier for seniors to lift and carry safely. They will also help prevent seniors from cooking too much of something. And they’re usually easier to clean and dishwasher safe.

Create Accessible Storage

Place frequently used items in easily accessible cabinets or drawers. A small wheeled cart is ideal for seniors to keep in the kitchen because they can take out ingredients from the fridge or pantry and safely wheel them over to the counter instead of carrying them.

Invest in Adaptive Kitchen Tools

Kitchen tools made to help seniors and others with problems like poor grip strength or low vision can help seniors safely cook their favorite meals.

Secure Loose Cords to Appliances and Gadgets

Keep electrical cords for kitchen appliances secure and out of the way to prevent tripping hazards. Tuck cords away or use cable organizers to manage them safely. If your senior parent’s kitchen has deep counters consider building a gadget garage to keep can openers, toasters, coffee makers, air fryers, and other gadgets safely secured where they can’t cause an accident.

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Julie McCormick, Co-Owner