How Does Physical Therapy Preserve Independence for Seniors?

Physical Therapy in Clark County

Physical Therapy in Clark County

As your elderly family member continues to age, it may become a significant priority for her to find ways to maintain her independence for as long as possible. Physical therapy is just one tool that can help your senior maintain her strength, rebuild her strength, and preserve her independence, especially if she has sustained an injury or illness. Learning how physical therapists can make this happen for your elderly family member is so important in putting together a care plan for her.

Physical Therapy Benefits for Seniors 

Physical therapy can help seniors improve their balance, strength, and stability. When seniors have these skills under control, they’re more likely to avoid falling and injuring themselves. Physical therapy can also help seniors manage chronic health conditions, improve their flexibility and range of motion, and stay physically active as much as possible. Physical therapy can also help seniors reduce the impact of disability on daily life and increase their quality of life. Improving mobility also improves your senior’s ability to care for herself, which preserves independence.

Variety in Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can include many types of exercises. These might include resistance-training exercises, balance exercises, stretching, and cardiovascular exercises. Resistance-training exercises can help seniors build muscle and strength. Balance exercises can help seniors maintain their balance and stability. Stretching exercises can help seniors improve their flexibility and range of motion. Cardiovascular exercises can help seniors improve their heart health and maintain their endurance. All the exercises recommended by your senior’s physical therapist conform to the requirements set forth by her doctors, which helps her stay safe while becoming stronger.

Recovering at Home

It can be so intimidating to need help, but then to have to remain in a rehab facility or hospital while getting that assistance can leave your senior feeling defeated. With physical therapy at home, your elderly family member is comfortable, familiar environment, and she’s able to tackle recovery at her own pace. This can be a crucial part of helping her regain and preserve her independence much more quickly than she might have expected.

Reminding Her She Is Capable

Another big benefit from physical therapy is that your elderly family member can remember that she is more capable than she realizes. This is something that can be easy to forget when she’s facing health issues, pain, and other obstacles. With the help of an experienced physical therapist, your aging family member is able to work through the challenges she’s facing and rebuild her confidence. That goes a long way toward helping her continue to be as independent as possible for as long as possible.

Independence means doing for herself, of course, but also means your elderly family member can access the tools, services, and assistance she needs when she needs them. Physical therapy helps your elderly family member learn everything she can about supporting her needs as she recovers.

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