Why Yoga Can Be Good For Seniors

Home Care Assistance in Winchester City VA

Home Care Assistance in Winchester City VA

One of the many benefits of hiring home care assistance for seniors who want to age in place, is that these caregivers are always encouraging healthy activities. You may know your loved one should be moving around everyday but it can seem impossible to encourage this, especially when you know they’re in pain. However, home care assistance will always encourage soft and easy movements that will never hurt a senior. Home care assistance may even help provide transportation so your senior can enjoy a senior yoga class. Here is why yoga can be so beneficial for your loved one to participate in.

Yoga Helps With Balance

As your senior ages in place they may lose coordination and balance. A home may need to be rearranged so a senior does not trip and fall or home care assistance may need to move clutter. And although it is necessary to ensure things are picked up for the safety of a senior, they should also be focused on maintaining or gaining balance in any way they can. This is why so many people love yoga because it helps strengthen bones and helps them maintain balance which will be important for getting around the house even with extra help.

Flexibility Can Be Achieved

Flexibility is important because as a senior ages their muscles and bones and joints become stiff. The more they can move these joints the less pain they will be in and the more they can do on their own. If they are not flexible and too stiff, even putting on their shoes can be a challenge. Of course, home care assistance will be there to help them during their time of need, but they will also encourage a senior to do as much as they can on their own. Flexibility will help them live longer and happier and this is one of the key focuses of yoga.

Yoga Helps Inner Peace and Calmness

Oftentimes a senior is stressed about many different things and chronic stress is not good if they want to age in place as long as possible. Home care assistance can help minimize a lot of stress but sometimes finding another way will also be beneficial for a senior. Yoga focuses on breath work and acknowledging how you are feeling during movements. It can be grounding which leads to inner peace and calmness. Sometimes just by moving a senior is getting rid of excess energy which can help them feel calm as well or feel less stress. Also by moving around they are naturally boosting the happy chemicals in their bodies which can have many benefits too.

Yoga Helps With Mindfulness

One of the best things that yoga can teach someone is to acknowledge how they are feeling in the moment, breathe through it, and let those feelings go. This same practice can be done every day even when it has nothing to do with physical movement. Yoga is a great teacher and it can help a senior live the type of life they have always envisioned. So many people who work with home care assistance are recommending this easy and gentle activity.

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Julie McCormick, Co-Owner