Does Your Senior Parent Need Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy at Home: Frederick County VA

Physical Therapy at Home: Frederick County VA

As seniors who are aging in place get older it’s important for them and their families to know that many of the services and types of care that seniors need are available at home. Seniors don’t need to put themselves at risk or go through a lot of hassles to get care and services that they need, including physical therapy.

Seniors who need physical therapy actually have the option to get it at home if need be, instead of having to be transported to a therapist’s office.

They Had A Fall Recently

Seniors that are recovering from a fall often prefer to get physical therapy at home. They know that they need physical therapy to help recover their mobility and built up muscle that was lost during recovery, but they may be sensitive about doing physical therapy in public.

They also may have a very difficult time getting in and out of car. If they are still using a wheelchair or a walker and getting in and out of vehicles is difficult and painful for them physical therapy at home is a great option.

They Are Recovering From Surgery

If your senior parent recently had surgery, or is in recovery from a heart attack or a stroke, then physical therapy at home is a great option for them. This means that they are able to stay in bed and rest until it’s time to perform their physical therapy exercises.

They don’t have to go through the stress and pain of getting showered, getting dressed, and getting ready to leave the house. Seniors can be comfortable in the privacy of their home and work through their exercises with a qualified physical therapist without going anywhere.

They No Longer Drive

Seniors that no longer drive may jump at the chance to get physical therapy at home so that they don’t inconvenience family members. When seniors stop driving they often feel like they have lost their independence and hate asking family members for rides, especially rides to medical appointments.

Your senior parent may try to skip physical therapy so that you don’t have to take time off of work or go through a lot of hassle to driving to an appointment. With therapy at home, your senior parent will get the services they need without feeling like they are a burden to you or your siblings.

They Have Anxiety

Social anxiety is something that affects many seniors. Those who are going through physical therapy may be self-conscious about it if they have to go to a medical facility where other people will also be getting therapy.

Performing their therapy exercises in the privacy and comfort of their home makes it more likely seniors will put their best effort into getting better.

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Julie McCormick, Co-Owner