What Seniors Need to be Social Media Stars

Speech Therapy in Winchester City VA

Speech Therapy in Winchester City VA

When people think about social media influencers, they usually think about young adults who post content about fashion or their lives. But the hottest trend on social media is senior influencers. That’s right. Tech-savvy seniors are taking over social media and having a fabulous time doing it. Seniors are showcasing fashion, sharing life advice, and using social media as a way to show that aging doesn’t have to be scary. Social media can be a fantastic way for seniors to connect to the world, make friends, and build real emotional connections.

Seniors who want to try becoming social media sensations need these things to do it:

Speech Therapy

When seniors appear on camera, they need to be able to speak clearly and strongly. Seniors that aren’t used to public speaking or haven’t spoken in public in a long time may want to get some speech therapy to give their throat muscles a workout and strengthen them. Speech therapy can be done at home, and it can really improve a senior’s ability to speak clearly and project their voice. That will help seniors as they get older, in addition to helping their social media content.

A Good Camera

A good camera is essential for creating social media content. Most seniors who have a late model cell phone will have a great camera built into their phone, and there are plenty of tripods and other equipment designed to be used with a cell phone. Seniors who don’t have a late model phone can pick up a good video camera or webcam that can upload videos directly to the most popular social media sites. Seniors can also use a PC to transfer videos if they want to edit their videos on a computer before uploading them.

A Helper

There are remote shutter controls and other equipment that allows seniors to take videos on their own without someone to help them run the camera. But seniors who are making videos of fashion, senior street style, or other videos that incorporate different locations may want to have a friend, home care provider, or grandchild help them by running the camera and directing the action. That can result in more professional-looking videos. And it means that seniors will have to spend less time editing their videos to make them fit the requirements of different social media sites.

A Focus for Content

The most important thing that seniors need if they want to make social media content is a focus for their content. Seniors should choose something they’re passionate about and build their content around that. Senior fashionistas may want to exclusively cover senior fashion and high fashion. Seniors that love gardening and plants may want to focus their content on plants. Seniors that want to give advice to people who need it should focus their content on giving people the chance to ask questions which the seniors can answer. Every good social media content creator has a focus for their content, and seniors need one too if they want to be successful.

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Julie McCormick, Co-Owner