The Role of Skilled Nursing in Home Health Care

Skilled Nursing Frederick County VA

Skilled Nursing Frederick County VA

Skilled nursing care professionals are a key part of the healing process when seniors need extra medical help at home. Nurses are there to ensure that their patients have help managing different healthcare providers, have a care plan in place, and have a way to monitor their healing process. Patients are more likely to have a better healing experience when they’re in their own home, with reliable assistance from nurses who are right there with them.

Assessing Patient Needs and Communicating with Medical Providers

When nurses start working with a new patient at home, they obtain information from that patient’s medical providers to understand the situation. They also interview their new patient and fully assess what needs to happen next. Starting out with a full assessment ensures that skilled nursing providers have all of the information that they need to fully help seniors who are healing.

Developing a Personalized Care Plan

One of the biggest benefits of having nurses come to visit seniors in their own homes is that the care offered is highly personalized. In a hospital or rehab center, people need to wait for the care that they need. That isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but when someone is healing and able to come home, it’s a huge bonus to have someone there ready to help out at a moment’s notice. Over time, that care plan may need adjustments in order to keep meeting needs.

Monitoring Vital Signs and Tracking Progress

During the healing process, it’s important for skilled nursing providers to track progress, make note of anything that needs to be monitored more closely, and keep up with vital signs. This is especially helpful when preventing infections and other complications that might potentially arise. Patients who are dealing with chronic health issues may need help keeping track of things like blood pressure levels and blood sugar readings that can have a big impact on overall health.

Continuing Cooperation with Healthcare Providers

It might also be necessary for seniors to have other types of help as they heal. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and more might all make the healing process easier and safer. Skilled nursing providers work with all of these health professionals as well as the senior’s existing doctors to make sure that their patient has all of the help that they need. Keeping track of how all of these therapies work within the existing care plan helps everyone involved.

Offering Better Results and Happier Patients

Ultimately, help from skilled nurses at home offers patients a healthcare option that allows them to heal at home in a positive environment. Patients are more likely to have family and friends visiting them as well. All of this can work together to help patients to recover more quickly and without as much worry that seniors are likely to run into complications.

Healing can feel like a scary process for seniors, especially if they’re recovering from surgery or illness. Having help from skilled nursing care at home ensures that seniors have the medical assistance that they need in order to transition home and continue to recover.

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Julie McCormick, Co-Owner