Senior Health: What Are the Best Ways to Lower the Risk of Strokes?

Many senior citizens do worry about whether they will have a stroke.

Maybe, they had a family member that passed away from a stroke. It could just be that they are getting older and worry about various senior health issues. Either way, when caring for your elderly loved one, there are some tips you can share with them to lower their risk of strokes.


Senior Health: Stroke

Senior Health: Stroke

Eating Heart-Healthy Foods

One of the best ways for your elderly loved ones to lower their risk of strokes is to start eating heart-healthy foods regularly. Senior citizens need to heat heart-healthy fats. They should also avoid trans fats as much as they can. Trans fats are commonly found in refined and processed foods. You should encourage your elderly loved one to eat 2-3 servings of salmon, mackerel, or tuna every week. They should also add seeds and nuts to their diet. If needed, you can get personal care at home for your elderly loved one. The elderly care providers you hire can help your loved one to eat better.

Getting Active

How much physical activity do you think your elderly loved one gets right now? If they aren’t getting up and moving around throughout the day, they aren’t getting enough exercise. It doesn’t have to be anything major. In fact, just moving around every hour or going for a couple of walks every day can be sufficient for senior citizens. Research shows that elderly people who are more active are less likely to have a stroke than those who aren’t very active. If your elderly loved one won’t be active without someone telling them to, you can hire senior care providers to remind and encourage them to exercise.

Managing Risk Factors

There are many risk factors for a stroke that senior citizens often have. Some of these risk factors include diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity. If your elderly loved one has any of these risk factors, make sure they are seeing a doctor to manage these conditions. If your elderly loved one can get these conditions under control, they can lower their risk of strokes. If you can’t take your loved one to their doctor appointments, you can get them personal care at home. The senior care provider you hire can drive your loved one to the appointments.


Senior Health: Conclusion

If you or your elderly loved one are worried about their risk of having strokes, there are various tips that can lower their risk to ensure good senior health. The tips mentioned above should be your elderly loved one’s first priority to lower their risk of having a stroke.


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Julie McCormick, Co-Owner