How to Help Seniors Remember Where They Put Things

Home Care Assistance in Culpeper County

Home Care Assistance in Culpeper County

As seniors get older and aging at home, you may notice that you spend a lot of time trying to help them find things. Like their glasses, their keys, their favorite sweater, the dog’s leash, and other items. Anyone can misplace things from time to time. If your senior loved one is often forgetful and you want to help them keep their home organized, here are some ideas:

Home Care Assistance

With home care assistance, seniors will have someone with them all day to help them keep track of their important items. With help from home care assistance, your senior parent won’t forget their glasses or wallet at home if they go out to run errands or shop. They won’t lose the remote or their favorite socks or other items when they’re at home, because someone will be there to help them find those things. You can’t be there all the time, but with home care assistance your senior loved one will have someone there to help when you can’t be there.

Tracking Tags

Adhesive tracking tags are fantastic devices to help find things. They self-stick onto items like shoes, keys, cell phones, and other items, so that your senior parent and you can always find them. It’s important to have the tags read by your phone, or have the app on your phone, if your senior parent loses their phone, and that’s what you need to find. But your senior parent can track their other items using an app on their phone, so they will always know how to find what’s most important to them.

A Neck Pouch

A neck pouch is a small fabric or knit pouch attached to a long chain or a soft cord that goes around the neck like a necklace. It’s just big enough to hold important items like a cell phone, the TV remote, a safety fob, and other small items. That way your senior loved one can carry small items like their glasses or their phone around wherever they go, even if they don’t have pockets. And the items won’t fall out the way they could fall out of a pocket. Seniors can even carry their pills in a neck pouch if they need to take meds at a certain time.

A Good Organization System

The best way to keep your senior parent organized is to declutter the home, then maintain a good organization system. When your senior loved one gets used to putting items in the same place every day and following an organization system, that system will be like second nature to them, and they will always know how to find their items. You can work with a home care assistance provider to create a customized organization system for your senior loved one, so that staying organized will be easy.

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