6 Reasons Indoor Air Matters

Senior Home Care in Warren County

Senior Home Care in Warren County

February is National Care About Your Indoor Air Month. Indoor air quality is essential to your dad’s health. Almost 8% of older adults have asthma, while 10% of older adults have COPD.

Here are six reasons why indoor air matters.

Mold, Dust, and Dander Impact Health

Mold, dust, and dander are present in every home in some way. Mold spores can come from outside or in a damp bathroom or basement. Dust can be in carpets and furnishings, and often comes in from outside. If you have very sandy soil, you may find dust is heavier than normal.

Dander comes from both the people in your home and your pets. Pet hair, human hair, and skin flakes all add to the dust and dander within the home, and all of it can worsen conditions like asthma.

People Spend 90% of Their Time Inside

People spend around 90% of their time inside. The pollutants inside a home are as much as 5x higher than the pollution levels outside. If you’re not filtering your indoor air, you’re exposed to pollution every hour you’re inside your home.

Radon Is a Leading Cause of Lung Cancer in Non-Smokers

Radon is a carcinogen naturally present in bedrock and soil. It’s the product of decaying uranium. It can leach into your basement, and it’s even found in granite flooring and countertops. With a good ventilation system, radon won’t be a problem.

But, if you don’t have a ventilated home, radon can become an issue. It’s one of the leading causes of lung cancer, especially in non-smokers. Studies find that about 21,000 cases of lung cancer are linked to radon each year.

Newer Homes Are Designed to Fight Drafts, But That Can Increase Poor Air Quality

As people look to make their homes airtight and avoid heat or cooling loss to drafts, it keeps energy bills down. But, there’s also the downside of having the air trapped inside.

Without drafts, fresh air isn’t coming into the home through heat transfer. If your dad’s home is newer or well-insulated, make sure he’s changing air filters frequently, if he has a forced air system. If not, invest in an air purifier.

Who Helps Your Dad on Days He’s Having a Harder Time Breathing?

If your dad has asthma or COPD, someone must be around to support him. He’s going to have good days and bad days. On those bad days, someone needs to do his housework, keep him company, and remind him when it’s time for medications.

Talk to a senior home care advisor to learn more about the rates and services. With regular visits from a senior home care aide, your dad can stay in his home while helping with daily activities.

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Julie McCormick, Co-Owner