What Family Caregivers Should Know About Senior Home Care

Senior Home Care in Frederick County

Senior Home Care in Frederick County

As seniors age, they may develop problems with dressing and hygiene. Even small tasks like brushing their teeth or shaving may become difficult. It’s also common for seniors to not want to admit they are having trouble with basic hygiene tasks. Your senior parent may not tell you that they are having trouble showering, getting to the bathroom, or getting dressed. It’s up to you to pay attention to the signs that they are not keeping up with their hygiene.

If you notice your senior parent doesn’t look as put together as usual, or that they appear to not be taking good care of themselves, one thing you can do is get senior home care for them. Senior home care gives seniors the help they need with things like transferring in and out of bed, showering or bathing, hygiene tasks like brushing their teeth, getting dressed, and getting to and from the bathroom. Some things that family caregivers should know about senior home care are:

Care Changes With Your Senior’s Needs

The types of care that a caregiver provides for a senior can change based on that senior’s needs. If your senior parent only needs help dressing or washing their hair right now, but in the future they need more assistance, the care level will change based on whatever your senior loved one needs. You and your senior parent can be confident they will get exactly the level of care they need, no matter what their physical limitations are.

It’s Better To Start Sooner Rather Than Later

If you think your senior parent will need personal care in the future, or if they could use some assistance right now, but don’t need a lot of assistance, it’s better to set up senior home care for your senior parent now rather than waiting.

By starting senior home care now, your senior parent will have the chance to get comfortable with their care provider. That way, if they need more assistance in the future, they won’t feel awkward or uncomfortable getting help from the care provider, because they already know and feel comfortable with them.

Care Providers Have Specialty Training For Safety

One of the reasons why it’s safer to have a care provider help your senior loved one with things like transferring in and out of bed or onto the toilet or helping your senior loved one shower is that they receive specialized training in how to safely work with seniors of all sizes. If you don’t know how to safely assist your senior loved one with these delicate tasks, you could end up getting hurt or hurting them.

Many Seniors Prefer Having A Care Giver

When it comes to hygiene and personal tasks, many seniors feel more comfortable having a trained caregiver help them, instead of relying on a family member for help. They feel less awkward and embarrassed with a professional caregiver.

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