What to Do When Dad Can’t-Do Daily Tasks

When elderly adults experience problems with completing daily living tasks, it can be particularly worrisome for family members. The struggle to do things like laundry and personal hygiene is usually due to any number of health issues related to aging. Many family members are unsure of how to proceed when they discover their aging mom or dad can no longer completely take care of themselves. Their first instinct might be to investigate nursing homes, but family caregivers across the country are discovering the benefits of in-home senior care.

Senior Care in Loudoun County VA: Caregiver Assistance

Senior Care in Loudoun County VA: Caregiver Assistance


What are Daily Living Tasks?

Most adults take care of themselves without a second thought. Daily living tasks include getting out of bed every morning, showering, getting dressed and practicing good hygiene. Other necessary components of self-care include eating nutritious meals, doing laundry, taking medicine, cleaning the house, keeping up with home maintenance issues, driving to the store and to appointments and maintaining an active social life.

Anyone that is limited physically, such as seniors or those with disabilities, may find these simple tasks increasingly difficult. When they can no longer do some or all of these daily tasks, their quality of life declines and it can even negatively affect their health.

Why Seniors Struggle

There’s no doubt that aging takes a toll on the body. Chronic illness, surgery, and disease may complicate things even further. Many elderly adults simply experience a decline in things like vision, hearing, reflexes, balance and the immune system. Their inability to do daily tasks can quickly become a big deal with negative consequences. For example, someone with arthritis may struggle with the fine motor skills required to get dressed, take medicine or cook. A senior with congestive heart failure may not have the stamina to prepare meals, clean a bathroom or do laundry. Elderly adults in a wheelchair may not be able to get themselves in and out of the shower, resulting in poor hygiene.

Seniors may not ask for help from family members and may even try to hide the evidence of their struggles. They are often afraid that if others knew they struggle with daily living tasks, they would lose their independence. Family members need to pay close attention to the signs and evidence that their loved one is experiencing trouble around their home.

How Senior Care Assistance Works

In-home senior care assistants are wonderful for elderly adults that need help with some or all their daily tasks for living. This way, the aging person can still live in their own home, which is the choice for most people. They can continue their routines at home and in their community, which boosts both physical and mental health. Families can arrange for the senior care aid to come every day or just a few times per week. As the elderly person’s needs change, the senior care aide services can be adjusted.

When it comes to helping elderly adults stay as independent as possible yet not risk their health and wellness, many families turn to in-home senior care options.

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