How Can You Tell Your Senior’s Driving Is Iffy without Making Her Mad?

Talking about driving with your aging family member might not be as easy as you expected it to be. You might have even gone a few rounds with her about safe driving and what that might mean for her. So how can you tell if her driving is getting worse when you don’t want to fight?


Senior Care in Arlington County VA: Senior Driving

Senior Care in Arlington County VA: Senior Driving


Pay Attention to Her Car

Your senior’s car is an excellent first source of information about what is happening with her driving. Take a walk around the car and look for dings, scratches, and anything that might indicate that she’s run into something. If you start to make this a regular habit, you’ll start to notice things right when they happen. Keep in mind that some damage can occur just from being in a public parking lot, but a lot of damage might mean something is wrong.


Go on a Trip or Two

Suggest that you and your senior take a trip around the block or down to the store. Don’t worry about critiquing her driving on these trips because your big goal is to see what’s happening behind the wheel. If you’re making it obvious what you’re doing, though, don’t be surprised if your elderly family member balks at the idea of being the one to do the driving.


When Does She Choose Not to Drive?

As telling as the car and your senior’s driving can be, it can also be pretty telling when she chooses not to drive at all. If she’s resisting driving during certain times of day or to certain locations, there might be a reason. It’s a good idea to talk to your senior in an open and loving way about what might be creating these changes in her behavior. Some of them she might not have noticed herself doing, believe it or not. This can help you to get a big picture view of what’s happening with her.


What Are Other People Saying?

If other family members, neighbors, or friends are saying things about your senior’s driving or making jokes, there could be some reasons for that. They might have noticed your elderly family member driving in a way that made them feel concerned, but they may not be sure how to let you know. It’s a good idea to ask them for a few more details about what they saw.


There are other options for your senior beyond driving herself around if she’s unsafe to do so. Elderly care providers are one of the best options because they can also help her with other tasks around the house as well as with companionship.


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