Homecare: What Do You Need to Know About Sleeplessness in Dementia?

Homecare: There are many symptoms that people with dementia often have.

One of those symptoms is sleeplessness. As a family caregiver, you might have this symptom, too. With all the responsibilities you have and the concerns you have for your elderly loved one, it can be difficult to sleep. It is important that you and your elderly loved one have ways to get better sleep, Homecare can help with this. The tips mentioned below can hopefully help you both to sleep better.


Homecare in Winchester City VA: Sleeplessness in Dementia

Homecare in Winchester City VA: Sleeplessness in Dementia


Having a Regular Schedule for Day and Night

You and your elderly loved one would likely benefit from having a regular schedule during the day and night. Research shows that people who stick to a schedule often fall asleep easier and stay asleep through the night. The reason for this is because the body releases its energy during daytime activities and can fall asleep easier at night. In addition, having a schedule can prepare your body for sleep each night. You can maintain your own schedule. You or a home care provider can keep your elderly loved one on a schedule.

Being Outdoors Daily

You and your elderly loved one should try getting outside for a little while every day. Research shows that sunlight can help people to stay healthier and get energy for the day. Walking outdoors can help to exert energy, so people can sleep easier at night, too. If you can, try going for a walk with your elderly loved one outdoors every day. If you can’t, you can hire a senior care provider to walk with your elderly loved one.

Eliminating Caffeine

Many people who have dementia already have a difficult time sleeping at night. Sometimes, that is due to sundowning, stress, or fear. Adding caffeine to the mix can make things much worse. It is best if your elderly loved one doesn’t have any caffeine past the early afternoon hours. If you are struggling to sleep well, you should make sure to limit your caffeine, as well.

Homecare: Conclusion

These are some of the things that can help you and you’re elderly loved one to get better sleep. Unfortunately, there are many symptoms that go along with dementia. Handling these symptoms can help to put you and your elderly loved one in a better mood.

If you suspect that you or your elderly loved one has another health condition that is causing sleeplessness, make sure to see a doctor. If you need to take a break so you can get more sleep, you can have homecare providers fill in to care for your elderly loved one.


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