Homecare: Dementia and Traveling: How Can You Help?

Homecare: Are you planning to take your elderly loved one who has dementia on a trip?

Even so, it is very important that you are prepared. There are numerous things that could cause stress for them during the trip. Depending on what type of trip you are taking, hopefully, the tips mentioned below can help you and your elderly loved one to be more prepared. You can also work with your elderly loved one’s 24-hour homecare providers to prepare your loved one for the trip.


Homecare in Fairfax County VA: Travel with Dementia

Homecare in Fairfax County VA: Travel with Dementia

Call the Airline and Hotel

Is your elderly loved one going to be flying on a plane? If so, make sure you talk to the airline in person. Let them know, before booking the seats, that your elderly loved one has dementia. Ask if they recommend any specific seats that would be better for you and you’re elderly loved one. For example, it might be better to sit near the bathroom or away from the window. Finding the best seats on the airplane can reduce issues on the way to your destination. If you will be staying in a hotel with your elderly loved one, make sure they are aware of the dementia, as well. They may have accommodations that can be made to help make the trip go smoother such as breakfast being brought to the room.

Going Through the Security Process

Before your elderly loved one goes onto an airplane, they will need to go through the security process, just like everyone else. However, before having them do this, make sure the security team knows that your elderly loved one has dementia. That way, they aren’t just touching your elderly loved one for a security check. They can do so with caution after you inform your elderly loved one what is going on.


Timing Things Correctly

It is very important that you are timing things correctly for this trip. For example, if your elderly loved one gets more agitated later in the evening, you should avoid any airplane rides during those hours. If they are more themselves in the early morning, that could be the best time to take the flight. In addition, if you will be taking your elderly loved one out to eat during the trip, keep their mindset in mind when you choose the restaurant and what times you will be going.


Homecare: Conclusion

If you are planning a trip with your elderly loved one, it is a good idea to talk to them about it well ahead of time. Make sure they know exactly what is going to happen. If they are used to having their 24-hour homecare providers taking care of them, but you will be doing it on the trip, make sure your elderly loved one knows about this, as well.


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