Keep a Checklist of Things to Do Each Day and That Might Help Reduce Hospital Readmissions

The orderly arrived with the wheelchair and it felt like a relief. You were already getting ready to leave the hospital. Perhaps you had been there for several days or a couple of weeks. Now it was time to be discharged. You may have been hospitalized due to a heart attack, mild stroke, major surgery, or injuries sustained in an accident. Whatever the case may have been, seeing that orderly pushing the wheelchair to collect you and bring you down to the front of the building was a wonderful sight.


Home Health Care in Loudoun County VA: Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Home Health Care in Loudoun County VA: Reduce Hospital Readmissions


At that moment, your recovery took a different turn.

While you were in the hospital, the doctors and nurses, as well as other support staff, were keeping track of everything. There were monitoring your vitals, bringing you medications, helping you get out of bed and get to the bathroom, and so on. Now that you are leaving, things are going to change.


That’s the main reason you should consider home care support services.

You may have a spouse, adult children who live in the area, and possibly even friends more than willing to help out, but unless they have direct experience as caregivers, you would benefit far more from an experienced home care aide than just family and friends who care about you.

Another thing that can benefit your recovery and help to reduce the risk of a hospital readmission is keeping a checklist of things you need to do every single day.


How could a checklist help?

If you’ve ever started a new exercise regimen in your life, you understand how one day can begin to roll into another after another after another. After a few days or weeks, unless you’re keeping track of everything in detail, you might not feel as though anything is improving. You might, in fact, feel as though things are going the wrong way or nothing’s getting better, you’re not getting stronger, and you’re not getting healthier.


You may skip a specific task one afternoon.

You may be tired. The previous day’s physical therapy session completely wore you out. Today, you’re sore and want nothing to do with exercise. So, you skip it. Then, it becomes easier to skip the next day’s activities.

Before long, you aren’t keeping up with your recovery and are increasing the risk of being hospitalized once again. A checklist of things you need to do, including taking prescription medications, changing bandages on wounds, getting exercise, focusing on your diet, and more can help you stay honest with yourself and keep up with recovery when the days become weeks and possibly months.


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