5 Ways Senior Care Helps Seniors Stay Healthy At Home

Senior caregivers can help seniors stay safe at home.

But, they can also help seniors stay healthy as they get older. Home caregivers can motivate seniors and make sure that they have the things they need to live a healthy lifestyle. They can also encourage seniors to start new healthy habits. The key to developing a new habit is consistency. Caregivers who are with your senior loved ones every day can work with your loved ones to make sure that they:

Home Health Care in Arlington County VA: Senior Care

Home Health Care in Arlington County VA: Senior Care


Getting some physical exercise on a regular schedule is critically important for seniors. Regular activity helps improve their mobility and keeps their muscles strong. Senior care aides can encourage seniors to go for walks or engage in other exercises on a set schedule by doing the exercise with them. Walks around the neighborhood with a caregiver are a fantastic way for seniors to get physical activity. Caregivers can also help seniors go to the community pool to swim or go to play golf.


Eat Healthily

Often seniors won’t cook healthy meals for themselves because cooking has become too difficult or because they have trouble shopping for healthy food. Malnutrition is a real problem for seniors. According to the Alliance for Aging Research, more than 3 million seniors in the U.S. are malnourished. Often seniors can’t cook meals for themselves or don’t want the hassle of cooking a meal just to eat it alone. A home carer can cook meals with your senior loved one and share those meals making it fun to eat healthy meals every day.


Take Care Of Themselves

Personal care gets more difficult as seniors get older. But seniors are often embarrassed to ask their children for help with things like bathing, dressing, toileting, shaving, or doing their makeup. Senior care providers help ensure that seniors are bathing regularly and can give them the assistance they need in getting dressed and personal grooming. When seniors look and feel their best they are more comfortable and happier.


Get Enough Sleep

Aging can cause changes in the body’s internal clock that can disrupt your loved one’s sleep schedule. Medications and health problems can also impact the quality and duration of sleep for seniors. But sleep is necessary for good physical health and good emotional health. Home care providers can help seniors by getting them into bed safely and monitoring them throughout the night to make sure that they are getting the sleep they need.

Exercise Their Brains

Seniors can find it challenging to stay engaged. Caregivers provide companionship and can play games, do crafts, and have conversations with your elderly loved ones when you can’t be there. When a senior care provider is with your loved one you can be sure that they are doing enriching activities that will help promote good brain health and help them keep their cognitive skills sharp.

Seniors can live fulfilling lives safely at home well into their senior years with your support and some help from an experienced senior care provider.


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