Helping Your Parent Cope with News of a Cancer Diagnosis

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer (or any other life-threatening disease) can be quite frightening to your parent, yourself, and other family members.
Quite often after the doctor has told your parent about the dreaded “C” word, your parent is sent home to wait until the actual treatment process can begin. This period of time can be quite stressful and cause a lot of anxiety for your parent and you. To help you both cope with the news, you can start right away by taking some initial action steps.


Home Care Services in Winchester City VA: Cancer Diagnosis

Home Care Services in Winchester City VA: Cancer Diagnosis


1. Learn more about the disease. For some people, less is better, but if your parent likes to know all of the information regarding a diagnosis, help her find legitimate sources of information such as national websites on the disease, the CDC, or places like the Mayo Clinic. All of them have easily searchable websites you can visit together. As you review information, write down any questions you or your parent have related to what you have learned, to ask the next time you visit.

2. Plan out who will visit the doctor with your parent. If it’s not you, make sure someone else who can listen, ask questions, and record answers will attend each appointment with your parent. This will help her to process the information she receives and refer to it after each appointment. Create a folder or place for all of her paperwork to be stored so that it’s easily accessible when she needs it.

3. Look at hiring a home health care provider. If your parent doesn’t already have someone coming into the home to help, this might be a good time to research hiring a home health care provider that will be able to assist in the aftercare of her treatments. Once your parent starts her health care regimen, the more processes she can do at home will help shelter her from coming in contact with other people and the possible germs or viruses they may have.

4. Get support. There are many support groups for most diseases, comprised of medical professionals as well as those who have already walked this path. These groups can be an invaluable resource for your parent and you as you start this path into the unknown. If you are unable to meet in person, look for online groups that you can have video chats with or submit questions to when they arise.

5. Take care of both of you. This road will be hard in many ways. Now, more than ever, it’ll be important for your parent and you as her caregiver, to take good care of your health. Eat foods that provide good nourishment, get your needed sleep, and reduce stress by participating in activities that calm you both, and give you sanctuary away from the worries and stresses of dealing with this new diagnosis.

It may seem overwhelming at the first mention of cancer, but for most cancers, there are wonderful resources, great research, and trained professionals that will help you every step of the way back to your parent’s good health.


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