Do You Have an Evacuation Plan for Your Aging Adult

Emergencies can crop up when you least expect them and if you’re not already prepared with a plan, you can lose valuable time getting what you and your elderly family member need together. Just a little bit of preparation now can save you so much time when you really need it the most.


Home Care Services in Loudoun County VA: Senior Evacuation Plans

Home Care Services in Loudoun County VA: Senior Evacuation Plans


Make Copies of Important Documents

Important documents, such as identification and health insurance information, need to be copied and protected. Gallon-sized plastic zippered bags make excellent document storage because they protect from water damage and are easy to slip into a bag. It might also be a good idea to keep additional copies of these documents in an off-site location, such as a safe deposit box.


Include Important Contact Information and Other Items

In addition to documents, contact information and other items are important to pack as well. Medications, backup prescriptions, extra clothing, and extra food and water are all excellent choices. A small duffel bag or even a backpack can store these items in a closet near a frequently-used exit. Remember to check the bag every few weeks or so to swap out food and clothing for fresh versions.


Keep an Updated List of Where to Go

Make note of the various shelters and places that you and your elderly family member can go to if you need to evacuate. Agencies that work with the elderly can help you to located updated information in advance of an emergency situation. Local fire and police departments can also help you to sort out which shelters are best for specific emergency situations.


Make the Plan Available

Once you have a plan, it’s vital that you and everyone who helps your senior, such as elderly care providers, know where to find the information that they need. You might even include the evacuation plan as part of a larger information binder that helps family members and senior care providers know what your elderly family member needs at all times.

Update your evacuation plan regularly to include new information as it becomes available to you. It doesn’t take much time and keeps you from having to wing it.


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