Four Ways to Take the Stress Out of an Emergency Trip to the Hospital

You never want to accompany your parent to the emergency room, but it happens. When it does, the stress can be excessive. Reduce stress by following these four tips on being prepared for everything that will happen during the visit.


Home Care Services in Clark County VA: Emergency Room Trips

Home Care Services in Clark County VA: Emergency Room Trips


Have the Medical History Ready

You’re going to get bombarded with questions. These questions are urgent, however. In order to provide a safe, effective treatment, tests need to be run. If your mom or dad has any allergies to medications or conditions that impact safety, the doctors need to know.

You can find printable medical history forms online. Keep a copy in your purse or wallet for each parent. If you don’t have one, try to get hold of prescription medication bottles before you leave for the hospital. You should also stay updated on diseases or surgeries your parent has had from infancy forward.


Bring Activities to Keep Your Mind Occupied

You might be sitting in the waiting room for hours. Make sure you have something to do. Bring a book or a tablet that has a few games. If you bring an electronic device, make sure you have your charger. You don’t want to have the battery drain down and suddenly have nothing to do.


Prepare Yourself for Filling in Details

In a time of stress and discomfort, your mom or dad may downplay the symptoms that brought them to the hospital. Your mom fell down the stairs. You saw her grab her wrist with tears in her eyes. She tells the doctor she’s not in pain. You’ll be able to tell the doctor that she grabbed her wrist and may well be masking her pain. Fill in gaps when you don’t feel your parent has told the doctors everything.


Keep Medical Insurance Cards on Hand

The hospital will ask for insurance information. If you keep a screenshot on your phone or a photocopy in your wallet, you’ll have it available and not have to bother your parents. They have more important things to focus on, so you’ll ease stress by getting paperwork done for them.

After a trip to the hospital, it’s time to evaluate how safe your parents are at home. They may be embarrassed to admit they’re struggling with certain daily activities. They don’t need to be ashamed. Hire elder care services to help keep them from risking their safety or health.

Caregivers can help them with follow-up orders from a doctor. They can drive your parent to upcoming appointments. They’re also there to help your parent walk up and down stairs or get in and out of the shower. Learn more about elder care services by making a call.


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