What Should You Look for in Terms of Safe Flooring?

When you think about safe flooring, you might feel as if your senior’s got everything that she needs. But tripping hazards can hide out in carpet and even on hard flooring.


Home Care Services in Arlington County VA: Senior Safe Flooring

Home Care Services in Arlington County VA: Senior Safe Flooring


Carpeting Can Be a Hazard

Carpet seems as if it would help your senior to keep her footing, but it can also be a hazard. The big problem is that carpeting can fray and can become unattached to the flooring underneath, which can cause it to slip. If that should happen, your senior might have a difficult time keeping her footing. Check for trouble with carpet and keep in mind that you might need to remove it if it becomes too much of a problem.

So Can Rugs

Just as carpeting can be an issue, so can rugs. Rugs can have loose threads or edges that create loops. Also, if there’s no rubberized or otherwise non-slip backing, the rug can easily slip out from under her feet when she least expects it. Find a way to secure rugs to the floor or remove them completely so that they’re no longer a problem.

Avoid Floor Wax

If your senior has hard flooring, she may have spent years waxing those floors to keep them protected and looking just the way she wanted them to look. The problem with that is that wax gets awfully slippery and there’s no reason to make things more difficult for your elderly family member. Skip the wax and any other floor cleaners or coatings that make the floor slippery.

Consider Putting Non-slip Mats Down on Hard Flooring

Whether your senior has tile or hardwood flooring, it might sometimes be more slippery than others. It might be a good idea to put down non-slip mats or rugs that can help her to keep her footing on those hard floors. You might also want to encourage your elderly family member to wear shoes or slippers that have a rubberized sole that can help her to avoid slipping.

Give Your Senior Plenty of Room

You’re also going to want to make sure that your elderly family member has plenty of room to navigate throughout her home. The best flooring is still difficult to maneuver on if it’s cluttered with furniture or other belongings. Work with your elderly family member to find homes for items that routinely wind up blocking her path.

If you’re not sure whether you’ve got any lingering floor hazards in your senior’s home, talk to home care providers about what they see. They’ve got experience in helping aging adults to avoid obstacles and problems related to situations that could cause them to fall.

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