Tips for Choosing Home Care Services for Your Parents

Your parents need help at home. They struggle with many daily activities of living, so it’s time to hire home care to help them out. What can you do to make sure you hire the best senior care services for them?


Home Care in Culpeper County VA: Choosing Home Care Services

Home Care in Culpeper County VA: Choosing Home Care Services


Come Up With a List of the Services Your Parents’ Need

Jot down a list of the services your parents most need. If your mom no longer can stand in the shower, she’d need supervision while bathing. If your dad has a hard time walking down the stairs to go for a walk, he needs caregivers to help with ambulation.


Plan the Budget

Go over your parents’ budget and figure out how much they can afford. You do have to consider how many hours of home care they can afford before you make plans. Family members can chip in and cover the remaining time to help your parents stay within their budget.


Gather All Family Members to Plan a Hiring Strategy

Gather any family members who should have a say. Your brothers and sisters, close cousins, and aunts and uncles may be needed at this meeting. Go over the reasons your parents need home care and see who has time to help out and what they’d like to do. You’ll need to fill any gaps with professional caregivers.

As you narrow down what services are needed, you can create a list of questions you, your parents, and other family members have. Don’t avoid any questions because you’re afraid to hear no. If you have tough questions to ask, feel free to ask them. It’s better to know upfront if there are things your parents need that a home care agency cannot meet.


Talk to Family Friends and Neighbors for Recommendations

Ask around and see if there are others in your social circle who’ve arranged caregivers for their parents or family members. Look for recommendations for local agencies. Ask them what they wish they’d known in advance and what tips they have at arranging caregiver services.


Let Your Parents Lead the Interview Process

Involve your parents in decision-making as much as you can. Let them ask questions when you talk to a representative at a home care agency. If possible, let them lead the interview and help out only when they’ve failed to ask something that you have questions about. Be sure you ask any questions you have once your parents have gone through their list of questions about caregivers and home care services.


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