When Is It Time to Consider Home Care Assistance?

One of your biggest fears is that your mom will fall or become ill and not be able to reach a phone to get help. You live on the other side of the country, so you can’t stop by. She doesn’t have other family or friends nearby. Because of this, you’re certain it’s time to address her plan to age at home. You know home care is an option. What are the signs that it’s time for home care assistance?


Home Care Assistance in Warren County VA: Home Care Tips

Home Care Assistance in Warren County VA: Home Care Tips


She Can’t Drive

Your mom’s vision worsened to a point where she shouldn’t drive. She lives too far from stores and her doctor’s office. She needs someone who can stop by each week to take her shopping. From time to time, she needs someone to bring her to her medical and dental appointments.

Housework Is Too Hard

Housework has become difficult for your mom to manage. She can sweep her floors, but the vacuum cord trips her up. She struggles to vacuum the stairs to the bedrooms. When it comes to lifting the corner of a mattress to change her sheets, your mom just can’t manage it.

You’ve also had your mom tell you that she can’t lift her heavier pots and pans from the stove or oven, so she limits what she cooks. Dusting is easy for her. Wiping down small fixtures like faucet knobs is too hard with her arthritic hands.


Your Mom’s Fallen

You learn your mom fell while trying to do something she’s done dozens of times before. She was on a chair trying to change a lightbulb and lost her balance. If your mom’s reached a point where she’s having a harder time with balance, it’s time for home care aides.


She Can’t Do Her Laundry

In many older homes, the laundry room in your mom’s house is in the basement. The stairs are narrow and steep, and your mom has a hard time walking up and down them. When she’s trying to carry her laundry hamper down the stairs, she has a hard time holding the rail for support.

Your mom cannot do the laundry for that reason. Her choices become moving the laundry room upstairs, which is costly or hiring someone to do the laundry for her. It’s often better to have a caregiver do the laundry. Caregivers can also change their sheets and towels at the same time.


Get Started With Home Care

How do you get started with home care services? Go online or call the agency to ask about the prices and availability of home care assistance. You’ll get answers to your questions and learn more about setting up caregiver visits.

Don’t wait until your mom’s difficulties lead to a fall or emergency. Arrange home care assistance as soon as you realize it’s needed. Call a home care agency to get started.


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