How Seniors With Limited Vision Can Age In Place


As seniors get older they may develop eye conditions that can cause limited vision. Macular degeneration, cataracts, and other common eye conditions that affect the elderly make it difficult for seniors to safely age in place in their homes. But even with limited vision, it’s possible for seniors to stay in the house they love and a neighborhood where they feel safe. There are lots of things that families can do to help a senior with limited vision be safe and happy at home like:


Home Care Assistance in Fairfax County VA: Vision Care

Home Care Assistance in Fairfax County VA: Vision Care


Home Care Assistance

Home care assistance will help your senior loved one with tasks that might be difficult or dangerous for someone with limited sight. With home care assistance your senior loved one won’t have to do things like clean the house, do the laundry, or make meals. An assistance provider can also make sure that your senior loved one is getting the right medication in the right amounts, do their shopping and errands, and help them answer mail and pay bills. Home care assistance can be a game-changer for seniors who have limited sight but want to remain at home.

Adaptive Devices

There are a huge number of adaptive devices that can be installed in your senior parent’s home to make it easier for them to get around and be safe in the house. A landline phone with extra large buttons that also has voice-enabled calling is a great thing for seniors to have. And there are plenty of smart devices now that have built-in functionality that will help seniors do the things they want to do even if their vision is limited. A voice assistant can help seniors do everything from pay bills to shop to turn on the lights. And smart home appliances can tell seniors what is in the fridge, when the oven is at the right temperature, or when it’s time to reorder basic supplies.

Security Cameras

Security cameras inside the home will help protect your senior loved one and keep them safe. You will be able to drop in on those cameras through an app on your smartphone to make sure that your senior loved one is safe and hasn’t fallen or gotten hurt. With cameras that have two-way voice, you can talk to your senior loved one no matter where you are and they can talk to you without having to make a call or push any buttons.

Home Modifications

Home modifications like touchless faucets that turn off automatically, floor-level LED lighting, motion sensing lights, and smart doorbells with cameras that will announce when someone is at the door can all help seniors with limited vision stay home safely. Your senior parent doesn’t have to move from the home where everything is familiar and they know where everything is just because they are having trouble seeing. Home care assistance and some easy modifications are all your senior parent really needs to maintain their independence and live where they want to live.


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