Home Care Aides: Ways a Home Care Aide Could Help a Senior Stay Connected with Family and Friends

Home Care Aides: Janet wasn’t the type of woman who accepted help very often.

She was fiercely independent and, having raised five children almost all by herself, she was proud of that accomplishment. When she was in her 70s, her children lived all over the country. She was proud of their accomplishments, their careers, and their own families. However, when she began having difficulty with her physical abilities, facing health challenges, she felt lonely and isolated. She didn’t know how she could visit them anymore if they didn’t come to see her. On top of that, because of her devotion to her children, working two and sometimes three jobs to make ends meet so she could put them through college, she never really connected with technology. She didn’t learn how to use it. This is where home care aides can help.

Home Care in Fairfax County VA: Home Care Aides

Home Care in Fairfax County VA: Home Care Aides

Janet never thought about home care to help her stay connected.

Even though she was still able to do most things on her own, doing the laundry, vacuuming the house, taking the garbage out, or even getting the mail from the mailbox at the end of her driveway were becoming greater challenges as she moved through her 70s and closer and closer to her 80s.
She didn’t like the idea of losing independence and autonomy, but what she liked less was not being able to travel, drive safely, or get around on her own.
She kept this to herself for the most part, but when it slipped while having a conversation with her eldest daughter, that’s when the topic of home care came up.
“Mom,” her daughter said, “why don’t you consider home care?”
“Why would I need home care? I’m perfectly capable of doing everything myself, still. Besides, home care is for those who can’t even get out of bed.” That’s what Janet thought.

Then her daughter explained the reality.

Home care aides can be for a wide range of needs, for seniors and disabled adults. An aging senior who has difficulty getting out of bed could certainly benefit from a home care aide as could somebody dealing with chronic health issues or other limitations.
But a home care aide can also support an aging senior who is feeling isolated and alone, who only needs minimal help throughout the day or once in a while.
A home care aide can also help an aging senior who doesn’t understand technology but still wants to use it to stay connected to their family and friends who may be spread across the country or around the world.


Home Care Aides: Janet decided to rely on home care for part-time services.

She figured the mornings were best. That’s when she had the most difficulty when her joints and muscles were stiff and tired.
She found that this home care aide could help her use a tablet, use video chat features to see her children and grandchildren, and she hadn’t laughed as much as she did after that in a long time because her grandkids loved using certain features that changed their appearance, did goofy things, and she learned to do some of them, too.

Home care aides can be a great way to help aging men and women stay connected with family and friends while relying on safe, dependable support.


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