3 Things Seniors Can Do To Support Speech Therapy

Senior Health: Speech Therapy Loudon County, VA

Senior Health: Speech Therapy Loudon County, VA

One of the things that all seniors should work on as they get older is their speech. As seniors get older, their ability to speak clearly and strongly can be eroded as their throat muscles get soft. It can also become more difficult for seniors to swallow correctly, which can lead to seniors aspirating water or food into their lungs. Seniors that have had a stroke or have medical conditions like Parkinson’s, should incorporate things like speech therapy to help strengthen their throat muscles so that they will be able to speak and swallow correctly for as long as possible.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is something that benefits almost all seniors. And speech therapy is easy and convenient to get done at home so that seniors don’t need to go through the stress or hassle of going to an outside medical appointment. The exercises that a speech therapist uses for seniors will help seniors retain their ability to speak clearly, swallow correctly, and maintain their throat muscles. Seniors should start speech therapy as soon as possible because every day those muscles deteriorate a little bit more.

Reading Out Loud

Reading out loud is a great way for seniors to practice speaking and keep their throat muscles in good shape. Seniors who have home care can read out loud to their home care provider or they can read to their grandchildren or their children. Some seniors may even want to try doing some professional audio book narration as a way to make some extra income and work on keeping their ability to speak clearly. Because reading requires a lot of changes in pitch, tempo, and volume it’s a fantastic throat workout for seniors.


Singing is a fun way for seniors to keep their throat muscles strong. Many seniors love singing and they can make singing a social activity by joining a choir or choral ensemble. But seniors who don’t have any desire to perform can still get a good workout for their throat muscles by singing. They can just sing at home for the fun of singing. Some seniors even videotape themselves singing and post their performances on YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok. Seniors can always consider joining their church choir too if they want to sing with a dynamic group of other people.

Giving Toasts And Speeches

Most of the time seniors think their days of giving toasts and speeches are behind them. But both toasts and speeches are great vocal exercises that can help keep the muscles in the throat working the way they should. Clubs that help people with public speaking, giving toasts, and making speeches can help seniors develop more confidence, give their throat muscles a workout, and meet a lot of great new friends. Since seniors who age in place are often lonely joining a public speaking group can be a great social outlet for seniors too.

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