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Benefits of Writing Down Things of Importance

Has your elderly loved one’s life been a bit of a mess recently?
Maybe they have had a lot going on and they can’t remember things. This is normal. Stress and chaos can make people forget things. In addition, life usually goes a bit smoother when things are organized. One of the ways that your elderly loved one can stay in control over their life is by writing things down. Keep reading here today to find out more about the benefits of writing things down. Once you learn what these benefits are, you can share the information with your elderly loved one.


Homecare in Manassas City VA: Writing Down Things of Importance

Homecare in Manassas City VA: Writing Down Things of Importance

Remembering Things

As people get older and older, even if they don’t have dementia or a different neuro-degenerative condition, they start forgetting some things. This can be anywhere between mild to severe memory loss. Usually, it isn’t too bad. However, if your elderly loved one needs help remembering things writing things down can help them. Research shows that writing things down causes less stress on people. This is because the person doesn’t have to rack their brain trying to think about what they can’t remember. It is already written down so they don’t have to think of it.


Keeping Good Ideas

As you may already know, good ideas are often forgotten. Have you ever had a great idea and thought you would remember it later? Then, everything in life happens, as it does, and you forgot what your idea was. This can be frustrating. If your elderly loved one has great ideas, no matter how big or small, they will likely want to remember them. By writing down these ideas, they can remember their ideas and act upon them. You or an elder care provider can even go get your elderly loved one a journal to write their ideas in.


Writing Goals

Research shows that when people write down their goals, they are much more likely to achieve those goals. For one thing, when writing down goals, people can remember exactly what they are committing to. Secondly, writing down goals can allow someone to be very specific about what is they want to achieve and why. If your elderly loved one writes down their goals, they can look at their goal list anytime they want to be reminded of why they are doing what they are doing. The goal list will also allow them to know what they need to focus on or do each day.



These are some of the many benefits of writing things down. Now that you know the importance of writing things down, you can see if this is something that your elderly loved one might want to do. If they aren’t great at writing, you or one of their elder care providers can write down things for them.


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