The Ins and Outs of Getting Your Dad Adjusted to Homecare

Your dad doesn’t want to downsize, but it’s clear he needs help around the home. Some of his daily routines are still easy for him to manage, but some tasks are impossible for him to do without help. This is why you’re looking at homecare services.


Homecare in Loudoun County VA: Homecare Services

Homecare in Loudoun County VA: Homecare Services


You know your dad. He’s stubborn and dislikes change. You worry that he’ll never adjust. This is a common fear families have when arranging caregiver visits. If you’re stressing about it, learn more about the ins and outs of helping him adjust.

Present It In a Positive Way

Present the benefits of home care in a positive way that makes them appealing to your dad. Instead of pointing out that he’s not doing his housework properly, talk about his caregiver as being a weekly helper to eliminate the need of having to do the housework. Most people relish the idea of having someone else to vacuum, wash the dishes, and dust.

Point out that your dad could have someone else run his errands for him, giving him more time to read books. Or, he could have someone to drive him around and be like Miss Daisy from the blockbuster movie.


Do a Walkthrough

Do a practice run of what your dad should expect. Go over the list of care services that you’ve scheduled and go over what will happen. If his caregiver will do his laundry, show him where to put his dirty clothing and walk through how the caregiver will wash and dry the clothing, iron things that need ironing, and put them away for him.

If he’s getting some help with personal care needs like oral care, make sure his supplies are in an area he’ll remember. Explain what the caregiver will do to help him brush and floss his teeth.


Be Present at First

Your dad may be comforted to know you will be around for the first few days. While he gets used to his caregiver, you should offer to work from his den or another quiet space within his home. You’re not there to help, but he may find it less stressful knowing you’re close by if an issue arises.

As he becomes comfortable with his new caregiver, start going into the office and leaving him alone for an hour or two at first, then a half-day, and work to full days. You’ll often find that he’s settled within a couple of days and doesn’t need you around.


Give It Time

The most important thing to remember is that it will take your dad time. If he adjusts to home care quickly, great. Don’t count on it being perfect at first. He may need time to adjust, and that’s normal and nothing to worry about.

Remember that the caregivers have experienced this before. They have the tools needed to work with your dad and ensure he has the help he needs to remain independent. Talk to a home care agency to get started.


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