Five Things to Consider When Installing a Stairlift at Your Dad’s Home

Why would your dad need a stairlift?
There are several reasons. Arthritis pain makes it hard for him to walk. He’s fallen on the stairs once, and you don’t want him to risk his safety. He’s had a stroke and needs a wheelchair. His house is not one level, and you can’t move his bedroom to the first floor.
A stairlift is a chair that has a seatbelt and footrest. It attaches to a track that goes up the stairs. Using a battery-powered or electric motor, the chair moves along the track to go up and down the stairs. Before you purchase a stairlift, there are some things you need to consider.

Home Health Care in Manassas City VA: Stairlift Considerations

Home Health Care in Manassas City VA: Stairlift Considerations

How Long Does He Plan to Live in His Home?

After a medical event, you may decide your dad needs to move in with you. He may want to downsize to a condo or smaller home. If he plans to leave his current home in a year or two, it may not be worth the cost of installing a stairlift.

How Wide is the Staircase?

While stairlifts work with most standard staircases, not every house is standard. The stairs need to be at least 36 inches wide. The chair itself usually takes up about a foot and a half of space. You need to make sure the stairs are wide enough. There needs to be enough space for someone else to walk past the chair.

How Strong Are the Stairs?

A stairlift has the track that attaches to the stair treads. The stairs need to be built well enough to support the track, chair, and the motor. If your dad’s stairs may not support the extra weight, usually 200 pounds give or take, they will need to be reinforced.

Is there an Outlet Nearby?

Some stairlifts have a battery-powered motor. Electricity is still needed for charging the battery. Is there an outlet at the top or bottom of the stairs? If an electrician needs to add a line from the breaker box to install an outlet, can he afford that extra cost?

Is Someone Around in Case of an Emergency?

It’s very unlikely that the stairlift will stop mid-trip, but what if it does? If the power goes out for days and the battery dies, is someone available to help your dad get out of the lift and safely up or down the stairs?

Home care services allow you to have a trained caregiver with your dad for much time as you need. You can hire a caregiver to take him to appointments, cook his meals, and help him get in and out of a bed, shower, or chair. Call a home care agency to learn more about these and other services.


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