Engaging Activities for a Housebound Older Adults

When an older adult is housebound, it can seem hard to stay active. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are ways to make sure a housebound older adult has opportunities to exercise the body and mind. There are things you can do to promote socialization. Here are some of the best activities for engagement.


Home Health Care in Loudoun County VA: Housebound Senior Activities

Home Health Care in Loudoun County VA: Housebound Senior Activities



Join an Online Community and Talk

Generally, it’s best to be cautious when it comes to online chat groups. It’s also a great way for someone who is housebound to socialize. Cautiously selecting a group is important, as is knowing if it’s not a good fit and leaving the group or reporting users who don’t follow the group’s rules.

When possible, seniors can form their own groups and only invite family and friends that they know. If that’s not possible, they can browse the internet for support groups that have people in similar situations. If the housebound senior had a stroke, a support group for stroke victims may be the right fit.


Embrace a New Hobby

Hobbies are always enjoyable, but they can become second nature. It’s a good time for a housebound senior to try something new. Reading, sewing, knitting, gardening, and baking are all common hobbies.

By avoiding the typical hobbies, there’s the chance to expand the mind and learn new things. Someone who is housebound could try gaming. Computer games that are mentally stimulating are a good place to start. These often include detective games like any of the Sherlock Holmes games, puzzle games like Portal 2, and games based on shows that tell complex stories, such as The Walking Dead’s adventure game series, are all good places to start.


Hold Themed Family Gatherings

Once a month, or as often as a family can manage, a themed family gathering can help engage a senior in social activities. Boardgame nights, meals focusing on a specific country’s key foods, and escape room nights are all ideas.

Escape rooms used to require a trip to the business, but several companies now sell kits with almost everything a family needs to set up an escape room night. Families get together, find the clues hidden around the room, and solve the puzzles to escape that room. There are escape room box kits that have you unraveling clues to find a missing person or others that have you solving a murder.


Caregivers Support Housebound Seniors

Caregivers are a good way for seniors to gain face-to-face socialization. While the caregivers are on hand, they can also help with elder care services like meal preparation and housekeeping. Learn more about these and other elder care services by calling a home care representative.


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