Why Does Your Aging Adult Have More Bruises than Usual?

If you’re spotting more injuries on your aging adult, you might be thinking the worst. Fortunately, there’s often an explanation that is easy to correct for your elderly family member, but it might take some investigating to figure it out.


Homecare in Fairfax County VA: Senior Health and Bruising

Homecare in Fairfax County VA: Senior Health and Bruising


She Could Be Falling and Not Want to Tell You

Your elderly family member may not want to burden you, but if she’s falling, it’s important for you to know about it. You can then put more safety devices in place or help her to get an assistive device such as a cane or a walker to use. Falls are a tremendous problem for the elderly, so the more you know about your aging adult’s fall risk, the more help you can provide her.


She Might Be Feeling Weaker in General

If your aging adult is losing muscle tone faster than she expected, she could be feeling weaker every day. That can lead to her bumping into objects or simply not being strong enough to do the things that she’s used to doing. Again, being a burden to you and to other family members can keep her from speaking up.


She Might Be Having Memory Issues

Forgetting where she is and what she is doing is extremely scary for your elderly family member. She can become so startled, in fact, that she might run into something or even fall down. Talk to your aging adult’s doctor if you’ve noticed any issues with her memory. He can run some tests to determine what is going on.


Her Medication Might Not Agree with Her

Your elderly family member might not want to believe that her medications could be a problem, but they definitely can be. Some medications make your elderly family member dizzier or more drowsy than she should be. Other medications might not mix well with others that she’s taking. Talk to your elderly family member’s doctor about her medications and how they’re working together.


Other Health Problems Could Be at Work

There could be a variety of other health problems that contribute to your elderly family member injuring herself more often. Bring it up with her doctor and make sure that you rule out every potential issue that you can.

Having more injuries than she normally does could be due to certain activities. But it could also mean that your aging adult needs more help. Consider hiring senior care providers to help reduce some of your elderly family member’s burden.


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