Social Seniors: What Seniors Need To Get For A New Cat

Social Seniors: September is Happy Healthy Cat Month

If you have thought about getting a cat as a companion for your senior loved one it’s the perfect time to adopt. There are thousands of cats who need good homes in rescues and shelters all over the country. A senior cat would be the ideal companion for your social seniors. But there are some things that your senior parent’s new cat companion is going to need in order to be a happy and healthy cat-like:


Home Care in Warren County VA: New Cat

Home Care in Warren County VA: New Cat


Non-Plastic Dishes

Did you know that cats can acne? They can, and often they do get it from plastic food and water dishes. Bacteria can live on those plastic dishes and get into the cat’s mouth causing acne, tooth problems, or even sores inside the cat’s mouth. A better choice is to get a ceramic dish or a stainless steel dish to hold the cat’s food. The dish will need to be cleaned often by your senior loved one or by a senior home care provider that helps with the cat’s care. But using ceramic or stainless steel dishes will risk of the cat getting sick or getting acne.


A Water Fountain

Some cats don’t like water fountains, but many cats prefer them to stagnant water dishes. A water fountain will keep the cat’s water cool and fresh and encourage them to drink more water. Cats, especially senior cats, can get dehydrated quickly so a water fountain that keeps their water fresh and cold is a good way to get them to drink the water they need.


The Right Size Litter Box

Litter box problems are one of the primary reasons why cats are surrendered to shelters but often the problem is just that the cat isn’t being given the right size litterbox or the right type of litter. Use a high-quality clumping litter and a box that is big enough that the cat feels comfortable going into it. One cat generally can get by with one litterbox but the standard rule of thumb is that there should be one box per cat plus one. So if your senior loved one already has a cat then there should be three litter boxes so that the cats don’t have to share. A senior home care provider can help clean the boxes and restock the litter.


A High-Quality Food

It doesn’t really matter if your senior loved one feeds their cat canned food or dry food, although dry food is usually easier for seniors to feed. But the food should be high qualify with no fillers and a protein base. Cats are carnivores so don’t feed them foods with fruits or vegetables in the food. Cats don’t need those. They need protein.


A Great Vet

If you or your social seniors are adopting a senior cat the cat will need a little extra medical care to make sure it’s aging well. Just like humans it will need regular checkups and blood work done. Taking the cat to a trustworthy vet on a regular basis will ensure the cat is a happy and healthy cat for years to come.


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