Could Your Senior Be Suffering Low Vision?

Low vision is one of the most common issues of older age. More than four million adults over the age of forty in the United States are living with compromised vision, and the vast majority of people will notice changes in their vision as they get older.


Senior Care in Warren County VA: Senior Low Vision

Senior Care in Warren County VA: Senior Low Vision


As a family caregiver, it is important to not only understand what low vision is but to be vigilant about how it can impact your senior so you are able to recognize this impact and take steps to protect your parent from potential challenges and risks that can occur.

Because the diminished acuity of low vision often occurs slowly, your parent might adapt to the changes and not realize they are happening until their impairment becomes significant. This can put them at risk of suffering accidents, injuries, and other hazards due to these changes. Paying attention to your senior’s behavior and other indicators can help you to recognize if your parent has been suffering low vision so you can take steps to help them cope with it in their daily life.


Some signs your parent might be suffering from low vision include:

  • Increased signs of minor injuries such as bumps and bruises that might indicate they are running into things or tripping more often.
  • If your senior still drives, look for increased damage to their vehicle, such as dents and scrapes, that might indicate they have experienced minor accidents that could be caused by not seeing as well.
  • Squinting or adjusting their glasses when trying to read or watch TV.
  • Sitting closer to the TV.
  • Leaning closer to their computer or mobile device.
  • Having difficulty with or no longer participating in favorite activities such as needlework, painting, or other arts and crafts.


If your elderly loved one is struggling with low vision, their safety could be at risk.
A senior care provider can help them to manage their daily tasks while managing their low vision in a way that keeps them safer while encouraging their highest quality of life. A senior home care services provider can be with your aging parent on their schedule, customized not just to their needs, but also to the level of care you already give them. This means they have access to the support and assistance they need, when they need it, while also promoting a stronger relationship with you as their family caregiver and their adult child.


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