Family Caregivers Should Consider Respite Care

With some elderly adults who suffer from age-related conditions, it can be a real challenge for them to live at home yet remain safe, healthy and happy. From arthritis, strokes and broken bones to surgery, diabetes, and dementia, numerous health conditions may make it impossible for seniors to get through the day without assistance.


Senior Care in Loudoun County VA: Caregiver Respite Care

Senior Care in Loudoun County VA: Caregiver Respite Care


Family caregivers are the ones who step in and assist their elderly loved one with daily tasks.
However, these duties can become overwhelming and interfere with other responsibilities like a job, spouse, children and more. Family caregivers should consider respite care to give them a break from their caregiving duties. Professional senior care providers can really help both seniors and family members.

Here are just a few reasons why family caregivers should consider hiring senior care providers to give respite care as needed:


Step Away From Stress

Providing care for an elderly adult is stressful, even in the best of circumstances. When seniors need light care, such as housekeeping and meal preparation, this is more easily accommodated. However, when aging relatives need lots of personal care like bathing, dressing, hygiene, transportation and more, it can quickly dominate the life of a family caregiver. A senior care provider can take on a lot of the responsibilities for care that create stress for the family caregiver.

Experience Down Time

Just like caring for children, looking after an elderly person can take a lot of time and energy. Everyone needs some downtime to recharge their batteries and restore their energy. When family caregivers are overworked and tired, they are less effective as caregivers. Knowing that an elderly relative is in the care of a professional senior care provider means can bring peace of mind to a family caregiver as they take well-deserved breaks.

Improve the Relationship

The relationship between family members and elderly adults can shift once caregiving is introduced. Instead of coming together for fun times, activities, events and holidays, the daily duties can trigger tension and imbalance. Having a senior care provider in place to take on some of the daily care duties can shift the senior/family member relationship back to a better place.

Get a Professional’s Input

Of course, a senior care provider can help with daily tasks, but they are also a valuable resource for family caregivers that need someone to give input. Because senior care providers are professionals, they often have insight into working with elderly adults, adaptive technology that can provide them with more independence and ideas for making changes to the home that are more conducive to senior living.

It is much too common for family caregivers to dedicate all their time to take care of their loved one. In the process, they compromise their own health and happiness. Hiring a senior care provider to help with respite care is the best way to gain balance and take breaks to preserve their health and wellness.

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