How Can Senior Care Help Your Parents Remain in Their Home?

The good news is that seniors have more options for staying in their homes than ever. New technology, new communications systems, and home care professionals ensure that many seniors will be able to age in place to the end of their lives.

And that is what most seniors want.


Senior Care in Loudoun County VA: Age at Home

Senior Care in Loudoun County VA: Age at Home


The challenges

What prevents seniors from being able to remain in their homes? In some cases, it’s just a loss of strength to do all the things they have to do to maintain a clean, healthy home. Some seniors become disabled, others may lack the stamina or balance needed to do some things around the house.

Other seniors have some loss of mental acuity. They may forget to eat or pay bills. They may neglect to shower or change their clothes. Fortunately, none of these problems absolutely require an aging parent or grandparent to end up in an assisted living facility.

The following is by no means a complete list of all the ways that senior care can help your parents remain in their homes, but it’s an overview of some of the most important services.


House chores

Some household chores that were previously easy become very difficult in old age. For example, cutting the grass, taking out the garbage, doing laundry, mopping floors, and dusting high places can become perilous. Senior care professionals are well trained to take on these chores. That means your parents or grandparents can relax in a well-kept house.


Medications reminders

Many people can live to a ripe age if they remember to take their medications as prescribed. Unfortunately, memory impairment may make it difficult for seniors to keep up with their medications, especially if they require an injection. Again, senior care professionals come to the rescue by organizing medications, making sure they are taken on schedule and with or without food as needed.


Personal hygiene

Taking a shower can become a hurdle for someone who has lost a lot of muscle strength or coordination. And older people can also forget to bathe or change their clothes. Senior care professionals can help their clients bathe, provide sponge baths, as well as launder clothes, and help your senior dress for the day.


Hazards and safety assessment

Senior care professionals are skilled at recognizing fall hazards and infrastructural improvements that can make a senior’s life easier and safer. For instance, your senior care pro might recommend a pull bar be installed above the bathtub. At your discretion, a senior care pro will remove area rugs and clutter that can cause falls. They can make bathrooms safer by applying rubber stripping to smooth surfaces. And they can place all kitchen appliances and groceries within easy reach of your senior.


Bill paying management

Some senior care organizations can help seniors keep up with basic bills like utilities, insurance premiums, and doctor’s bills. If your senior care company doesn’t provide this service, they can recommend a company that specializes in helping seniors keep up with their financial obligations.

In conclusion, many families find that part-time or full-time senior care is the ideal way to help a parent or other senior remain in her home.


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