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Routine Changes That Could Help Your Elderly Parent

Your elderly parent may be having trouble taking care of everyone on their own. This is where you step in. You offer to help take care of their finances or taking them to doctor’s appointments. This is amazing of you. As time goes on, you may be helping more and more. One of the things that you may be trying to do is to keep your elderly parent’s routine the same. You may have heard that this is good for them. While a routine is beneficial for the elderly, making some little routine changes can be helpful, as well.


Home Health Care in Manassas City VA: Helpful Routine Changes

Home Health Care in Manassas City VA: Helpful Routine Changes

Switching Up the Directions

One of the routine changes that could help your elderly parent is switching up the directions when taking them places. When you or a home care provider take your elderly parent someplace, every few times, you can take another way to that location. You don’t have to drastically switch up the directions and you certainly shouldn’t do it all the time. However, slight changes in directions can help to make sure your elderly parent is paying attention.


Rearranging Their Schedule

You or the home care provider can rearrange your elderly parent’s schedule, as well. For instance, if they clean their house with help on Saturdays, they can do it on Sunday this week. This is just a little change in their plans. The reason this is beneficial is that it gets them used to uncontrollable schedule changes that may occur.


Adding in Something New

Another little routine change to make is to add something new into their day. For instance, if your elderly parent usually gets up, brushes their teeth, and eats breakfast. You can have them drink a bottle of water before they eat their breakfast. This is a healthy change for them to be making and it switches things up a bit. Adding something new into your parent’s routine every now and again can help them to feel refreshed and less bored with things.



Changes every now and again are a good thing. If you are caring for your elderly parent, you and the home care providers can make these little routine changes for them here and there. It doesn’t have to be anything major. Just these small changes can improve your elderly parent’s focus, brain health, and offer numerous other benefits, as well. Keep in mind that larger changes could disrupt your elderly parent’s emotional and mental health. Keeping changes small is what can help them.


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