Discover the Benefits of Home Health Care After a Fall

As she’s gotten older, your mom’s balance seems to worsen each month. When she started taking blood pressure medications, she started falling frequently. Dizziness is one of her medication’s side effects, so it’s not surprising. However, this last fall led to your mom breaking her hip.

Her doctor recommends that she is supported at home using home health care services. It will allow her to recover at home where she’s most comfortable. What are the benefits of this level of care?


Home Health Care in Frederick County VA: After a Fall Care

Home Health Care in Frederick County VA: After a Fall Care



Physical Therapy at Home

Did your mom’s doctor recommend she improve her balance and mobility? If she’s been instructed to work with a physical therapist, it’s easiest to hire home health care therapy services. Have the therapist come to your mom’s house instead of making her get into your car and having to take her to her appointments.


Incision Care 

Your mom’s incisions may need some care that’s difficult for her to manage. Have nurses come to her home and clean and dress the incision while checking them for signs of infection. If there are problems, her nurses know what to do.

After cleaning her incisions, her nurse will place new bandages on them. If your mom needs pressure bandages, her nurse knows how to apply them correctly.


Medication Administration

Did your mom’s doctor give her prescription pain medications? Her nurses can administer any recommended meds that require an IV line. If your mom is on antibiotics to prevent or treat an infection or ease inflammation, nurses can also handle any injections or IV medications that aid in the healing process.

Sometimes, the medications she takes to manage pain can lead to a decrease or increase in her blood pressure. Your mom already has high blood pressure, so she’s been told she needs to monitor her blood pressure and pulse throughout the day. A home health care nurse can take her vital signs and share the results with your mom’s medical team.


Dietary Education

After her fall, her doctors determined her bones are thinning. Your family learned she needs to improve her diet to ensure she’s eating calcium-rich foods. Home health care services can involve having a nutritional expert teach your mom what foods and meals she should be making for her health. You can learn along with your mom to be able to help her in the future.

Your mom fell. It’s a good time to arrange home health care until she’s fully recovered. Don’t let her risk another fall. Arrange nursing care services that help her regain strength, take care of any incisions, and work on physical therapy exercises that improve balance and stamina.

Arrange home health care by making a call. Ask questions, learn more about prices, and schedule the services your mom needs the most during her recovery.


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