How Can Frozen Food Improve Your Senior’s Life?

This year for National Frozen Food Month, consider how different frozen foods might be able to make your senior’s life easier and just better overall. Frozen foods are a lot more versatile than a lot of people realize and they can make every aspect of meal preparation easier for your elderly family member. Hiring Home care services is a great way to get some additional help to prepare the meals.



Home Care Services in Clark County VA: Frozen Meals

Home Care Services in Clark County VA: Frozen Meals

Food Is Less Likely to Go Bad When it’s Frozen

Frozen food is preserved quickly, and it technically never goes bad. If frozen foods are sealed improperly, they might start to develop freezer burn, but that only affects how the food might taste. This means it’s a great option for seniors who may not go through certain foods as quickly as they did in the past. Your elderly family member can keep frozen berries on hand for smoothies or as toppings for yogurt, oatmeal, or more and not have to worry about eating all of them before they spoil. That relieves a lot of stress from meal planning and eating.


Frozen Foods Are Just as Nutritious as Fresh Foods

It’s also important to note that frozen foods are just as nutrient-rich as fresh foods are. Take those berries, for example. They’re cleaned and frozen very quickly after they’re picked from the field, which means that they’re even fresher than the berries in the produce department are. That’s important when what you want is to get as much nutrition into your senior’s diet as you possibly can on a daily basis.


Freezing Foods Yourself Is a Good Option, Too

Frozen foods don’t just mean frozen produce, though. While you can buy frozen prepackaged meals, these are often high in salt, sugar, or both. One way around that is to cook larger meals, like casseroles and stews, and then freeze them in individual serving containers that are freezer safe. When your elderly family member is ready to eat, she can simply choose whatever she wants and heat up an individual serving. This can help to keep those larger meals from going bad.


Frozen Food Is Easy to Prepare for Meals

But it isn’t just pre-cooked foods that are easy to prepare from frozen. Even foods that are considered the raw ingredients of meals and snacks are easy to keep on hand and easy to use while cooking. Cooking is even easier for your senior if she doesn’t have to do it herself, of course, which is where companion care at home can really make frozen foods easy for your elderly family member. Having help from home care may ensure that your senior is eating delicious meals that are healthy for her, too. Companion care at home keeps your elderly family member healthier and happier, improving her overall quality of life in a big way.

Frozen foods can also give your senior a chance to try out new foods that she might not have tried on her own. It’s a lot less intimidating when all the chopping and prepping has already been done. And it’s even easier when your senior has the help that she needs.


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