Senior Home: Seniors Don’t All Want Houses As They Age In Place

Senior Home: The Wall Street Journal recently reported on a number of people in their seventies, eighties, and nineties who are building brand new homes.

Why, someone asked them, do you want to build a new house when you won’t have that many years to live in it?


Home Care Services in Frederick County VA: Housing

Home Care Services in Frederick County VA: Housing

Their answers were varied.

Some of them had always been interested in architectural innovations. One built his cutting-edge house in Puerto Rico so he didn’t have to waste time navigating building codes. Others were building homes that could be enjoyed as a multi-family gathering place for their children.

Some older individuals enjoy the intellectual challenge of designing a house they can live in, potentially to the very last day of their lives.

Others thought that building a design-forward house was a great investment. And yet others just sought to make a statement with their houses. They wanted something groundbreaking and hip. The desire to be cool, it seems, does not necessarily go away in old age.


What does an ideal home for aging in place look like?

Many older people have no interest in struggling with an old, traditional house. They don’t plan to miss the warmth or dubious charm of inefficient old windows, doorways, stairs, floors, and appliances.

Agers-in-place who are financially well off generally value built-in recreational features like swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas, etc. Some value deep porches with good overhangs that protect from rain and high winds.

Big windows and plenty of them were surprisingly important to several seniors. One architectural expert says that windows are important for people who may not always be comfortable going outdoors. Having a bank of floor-to-ceiling windows brings the natural world into view for people who can afford that kind of construction.

Many seniors like low-maintenance, high-strength materials, like concrete and steel. A good metal roof generally lasts a lifetime for a senior home.

Admittedly, these features jack up the cost of a house. One gentleman in his eighties, Michael Tennenbaum, paid ten million dollars to build his house of the future. But 75-year-old Sisi Damner built her dream home for a more modest $550,000.


How can you upgrade your senior’s living space?

Even if you don’t have a few hundred thousand to spend on a cutting-edge living space for your aging parents, you can still make a few modernizations that keep your loved ones safe and comfortable.

Consider how you can give your parents a pleasant view of the outdoors. This might be as simple as pulling some drapes and blinds open and putting some flowers and bird feeders in view.

If your parent likes listening to music, there are many easy-to-use surround sound systems that can envelop your loved ones in music. Bose sound systems are easy to use, generally consist of only one device, and improve the clarity of sound.

Your senior care aide can suggest ways to make your parent more comfortable and happy. A senior care pro might, for instance, notice that your mother struggles to unload the dishwasher and suggest a sink top dishwasher as an alternative. If you do not yet employ senior care, it’s always a good time to learn more about it.

Senior Home: Conclusion

Old age does not have to be limiting. It can represent important challenges that our seniors are excited about overcoming. Talk to your seniors about possible senior home improvements that will make aging in place not only possible but delightful.


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