Perks of Grocery Delivery

If you haven’t heard, many places are offering grocery or produce delivery services these days. For many adults with busy lives that are juggling their own children, their careers, and the household and health needs of an elderly parent or loved one, having nutritious items delivered to your senior’s home can save a lot of time and energy that can be put to good use on other things.


Home Care in Culpeper County VA: Grocery Delivery Perks

Home Care in Culpeper County VA: Grocery Delivery Perks


How It Works

Do an online search in your area for grocery delivery. Pay attention to the stores that they provide service for, to be sure that your store of preference is one that they include. Or, pick a new one! For produce deliveries specifically, some will offer local homegrown or organic-only options which may be something you are interested in for your senior.

Most of them have an app that makes choosing your groceries or produce items as simple as a click of a button, but the websites work well too.

You can schedule your deliveries for certain time frames, which is great for people who are busy and like to proactively get their lists done when they have the time to do so. You can even schedule the delivery for when your senior’s caregivers are on duty so that they can help put away and organize the items and will know what they have to work with for meals in the coming week.


What It Costs

Most companies charge a flat annual fee which gets you a membership for their service and includes unlimited deliveries to your home. When a membership is purchased, usually that waives any sort of service or trip fees, however, you are generally encouraged to leave a tip for your delivery person, such as you would with the delivery of a pizza, etc.

Many of the delivery companies will allow a trial period where you can use the service free of charge for a period of time while you decide if you want to join as a member. You can also look online for coupon codes for money off your first delivery.


Why It May Work For You

There are many benefits to using a grocery or produce delivery service, and each family situation will have individual reasons why it may or may not work for them.


Here are a few benefits of using a service over traditional in-person grocery or produce shopping:

-Save money. When selecting the items needed for recipes or your senior’s favorite foods, you won’t be tempted by flash sales, end-cap displays, and hunger pangs to fill your cart with impulse buys on things you don’t need. It also saves on gas!

-Saves time. In the time it takes to write out your list, you can already have your groceries ordered and scheduled to be delivered to your senior’s door. There’s no commuting, and no lines to wait in, so you can get on with your busy life and spend time doing more important things.

-Ease of use. Items are categorized by type, items previously purchased, can be searched by sale, and even organic items can be filtered in or out. No wandering the aisles for items that are impossible to find.


Your loved one may have mobility or cognitive issues preventing you or their caregivers from taking them to the grocery store. Alternatively, their caregivers may not be able to leave them alone to do the shopping needs for their house, so grocery delivery might be just what you need to keep things running smoothly for everyone.


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