Getting Your Siblings Involved in Your Aging Parent’s Care During Order Groceries Online Month

As a family caregiver, having siblings can be a tremendous source of help. Involving your siblings in the care of your aging parent is a fantastic way to not only take some of the burdens off of yourself, easing your stress and opening up your schedule, but it is also beneficial for your senior.


Elderly Care in Frederick County VA: Order Groceries Online Month

Elderly Care in Frederick County VA: Order Groceries Online Month


Knowing their children are involved in their care boosts mental and emotional health, and also provides valuable validation, love, and a sense of importance. If your siblings live at a distance from your parent, however, it might be difficult for them to be involved in their care. Finding ways to involve them even without them being able to directly care for your parent allows them to be involved and do their part, and also simplifies your life. One way you can do this is by encouraging your senior to order groceries online.


All of August is Order Groceries Online Month.
This is the perfect opportunity to get your siblings involved in your parent’s care in a creative, but highly beneficial, way. Not being able to shop for their own groceries can leave your aging parent feeling less independent and autonomous, and having to take on the responsibility of shopping for them is time-consuming. By encouraging them to order many of their groceries online, you can resolve both issues.


Some ways you can get your siblings involved in the care of your aging parent during Order Groceries Online Month include:

    • Have your parent make a list of the items they need regularly and send it to your sibling so that they can make a recurring order. This ensures these items will be delivered to your parent on a regular basis so they do not run out, and will not have to remember to order them.


    • Schedule regular phone calls or video chats with your sibling and your parent so that they can “virtually shop” together. This lets them not only enjoy a conversation and some time together even from a distance but simplifies the ordering process for your parent.


    • Have your sibling set up a bank account or prepaid card for your parent to use to order their groceries, and then fund it. This enables your parent to order what they need at their own leisure while taking the financial burden from your parent and from you.


    • Encourage your sibling to find sources for the foods they may not be able to order easily from regular grocery sources, such as produce or meat, and make orders of those for your parent. Local farm co-ops are available in many areas and can ensure your parent has access to healthy, in-season produce and other products.


How can elderly care help?

In your role as a family caregiver, starting elder care for your aging parent can be one of the most meaningful and beneficial decisions you can make. Introducing an elderly home care services provider into your care routine with your senior enables you to delegate some of their care tasks on a schedule that is right for both of you.


This means you can relieve your stress, save yourself time and energy, and focus on other responsibilities and obligations in your life, while still knowing your senior is getting the care and support they need. This care provider offers fully customized services such as safe and reliable transportation, assistance with grocery shopping and meal preparation, help with personal care tasks, assistance with taking care of the home, medication reminders, and more.


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