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Best Tips for Keeping Your Elderly Loved One Active

It is important that your elderly loved one stays active. There are far too many senior citizens who are developing health problems because they don’t move around enough. This doesn’t have to be the case for your elderly loved one. In fact, there are some tips that you can learn to help keep your elderly loved one active, starting today.


Elderly Care in Fairfax County VA: Senior Activities

Elderly Care in Fairfax County VA: Senior Activities


Encouraging Them to Help Out Others

Do you want to get your elderly loved ones active without actually telling them that they need to move around? If so, you can start encouraging them to help out others. By getting them out of the house to do things for others, they are up and moving around. They are walking, getting fresh air, and stretching out their body. There are many places and people that could use the help including neighbors, hospitals, libraries, and many smaller stores.


Keeping Occupied in Their House

Your elderly loved one doesn’t have to be a huge exercise buff in order to be active. In fact, there are many ways that they can keep occupied in their own house, without actually exercising. They can do laundry, dance to their favorite music, play games, garden indoors, and so much more.


Going for a Walk

You or caregivers can start going for walks with your elderly loved one, too. In the colder months, these walks may just be around their yard, but that will still be good for your elderly loved one. However, when it gets warmer, you can go for walks with your elderly loved one around their block or in town, as well.


Having a Dog

If your elderly loved one is capable of taking care of a pet and they want one, you may want to help them find a dog. Dogs help to keep people active. If your elderly loved one has a dog, they will need to take the dog for a walk and play with them often. These are both forms of exercise for your elderly loved one. Even if your elderly loved one needs some help from you or the caregivers, getting a dog could be very good for their physical activity.



These are some of the best tips for keeping your elderly loved one active. If you can even start by getting your elderly loved one to do one of these things a few times a week, that would be perfect. Taking little steps toward more physical activity can help your elderly loved one to enjoy it more, as well.


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