Can Your Mom’s Diet Really Help Prevent Certain Health Issues?

Your mom’s diet could use some improvement. She tends to focus on freezer meals or heat-and-eat meals from the deli area. With your help, she’s ready to make some changes, but you’re not sure what foods to focus on. Here are some health issues that the medical community feels can be prevented by making certain dietary changes.


Elderly Care in Fairfax County VA: Diet Helps Health Issues

Elderly Care in Fairfax County VA: Diet Helps Health Issues



Some doctors suggest focusing on foods that promote brain health to help lower the risk of Alzheimer’s. The Mediterranean diet is one of the options. It’s a diet where seafood and fresh vegetables are the best food choices. Garlic, red wine, and lean proteins like turkey or chicken breast are also recommended. You avoid processed foods, sugar, and red meat.



Arthritis is hard to avoid, but many seniors find foods rich in fatty acids help with the inflammation. Foods that are rich in fatty acids include herring, salmon, sardines, swordfish, and tuna. Fish oil supplements also help. Other anti-inflammatory food choices include cherries, cruciform vegetables, garlic, and turmeric.



One of the best ways to prevent the risk of diabetes is to be at a healthy weight and avoid high-sugar foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains are ideal to keep prediabetes away or from progressing into type 2 diabetes.

Your mom will benefit by sticking to foods with a load glycemic index. For grains, barley and bulgur (cracked wheat) are good choices. Steel-cut oats are also ideal. Vegetables that don’t have a lot of starch are other good options.


High Blood Pressure

Reducing high blood pressure is best accomplished by maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding excess sodium. If your mom loves to add salt to the foods she eats, buy salt substitutes like Mrs. Dash. Fresh lemon and lime also do a lot to enhance flavors without adding sodium. Finally, keep pots of fresh herbs on your mom’s windowsill. She can use herbs to add flavor without relying on table salt.


High Cholesterol

Cutting excess fats is a good start to lowering cholesterol. Lean proteins, lots of fresh vegetables, and whole grain are essential. This isn’t a guarantee, however, as some eat well and still have high cholesterol. If that happens, don’t be alarmed if your mom’s doctor suggests a prescription medication.



With any dietary change, your mom might need help shopping for foods and preparing them at home.
If you don’t have the time, call a senior care agency. Caregivers can help your mom prepare meals, shop for ingredients, and put things away after taking your mom shopping. Learn more about the many services for the elderly by calling a senior care agency now.


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