Vary Weekly Meal Plans to Adjust for Changing Tastes

Aging has a few downsides, just as it has joys. One of the downsides is that taste buds don’t regenerate as quickly. The sense of smell also lessens. Together, those impact how foods taste.

It’s not unusual to find foods that your mom used to love are just not as appealing. You need to rule out issues like medication side effects or health issues. That can alter how things taste. If she’s healthy and simply doesn’t like certain foods, varying her weekly meal plans can help your family adjust to her changing tastes.


Elderly Care in Clark County VA: Vary Weekly Meal Plans

Elderly Care in Clark County VA: Vary Weekly Meal Plans


Favorite Foods May Need a Different Preparation Method

She may find that her favorite foods still are tasty, but she just needs them prepared in a different way. Your mom used to love raw onion in her chicken salad, but now it’s too pungent. She might find that it’s better if the onions are caramelized first. You may just want to leave the onion out.

Your mom no longer likes barbecued chicken. She finds it harder to chew. How about if you poach a chicken breast instead? What if you glaze it in barbecue sauce and bake it in foil? Try different ways to cook things and see if she has a new favorite method. When you create meal plans, work on different ways to serve different foods.


Try New Foods

Be sure your mom tries new foods. She may never have enjoyed scallops in the past, but the sweetness may be appealing to her now. She’s never had the tart fruit known as starfruit. She might find that the tart citrus flavor is exactly what she’s craving.

Don’t go overboard with several new items each week. Start with a couple and go from there. As she loves new foods or doesn’t like them, you’ll know what to add or remove from the list of possible foods.


Switch Meals Up

There is no rule that breakfast has to be served in the morning. If your mom gets up and wants a grilled cheese sandwich with tomatoes. Let her. If dinner arrives and waffles with fresh fruit appeals to her, let her have that for dinner.

As long as the meals are balanced and provide whole grains, fruit, vegetables, dairy, and protein when she eats something is not important. What matters is what she eats.


Is your mom having a harder time preparing meals? Does she eat alone and wish she had someone to dine with her? Senior care agencies help you arrange caregivers to make her meals and join her if she doesn’t want to eat by herself. Call a senior care agency to schedule meal preparation and companionship services.


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