4 Things Seniors Can Do Right Now To Lower The Risk Of Diabetes

More than 15 million seniors have diabetes, and that number grows higher every year. If your senior loved one is at risk of developing diabetes they need to make sure they are doing whatever they can to prevent it. A family history of diabetes can make seniors more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes as they get older. Being overweight is another big risk factor. Elder care can help seniors make healthy lifestyle changes so that they lower the risk of developing diabetes. Elder care is designed to provide support to seniors in every aspect of living so that they can make healthy living a priority.


Elder Care in Frederick County VA: Lower Diabetes Risk

Elder Care in Frederick County VA: Lower Diabetes Risk


With elder care support seniors can do these four things right now to protect themselves from diabetes:

Lose Weight

The best thing that your senior parent can do to lessen the risk of developing diabetes is to lose weight if they are overweight. Being at a healthy weight is important for preventing many illnesses, but it’s especially important when it comes to preventing diabetes. With elder care your senior parent will have the accountability and support they need to start eating less, eating healthier foods, and taking an active stance on getting to a healthy weight.

Exercise Daily

Exercise is also important for preventing diabetes. Exercise can help seniors lose weight, improve their balance and mobility, and help them stay healthy overall. But exercising daily is a critical part of preventing diabetes so it’s something that seniors should be focused on. A home care provider can help make exercise fun for your senior loved one by going with them on walks or exercising with them at home. A care provider can also make exercise more fun by turning it into a game by keeping track of how often your senior parent exercises, creating exercise challenges and prizes, and doing other things to keep your senior loved one motivated to exercise.

Manage Stress

Stress can contribute to the development of diabetes because chronic stress can cause hormonal imbalance or a malfunctioning thyroid. Loneliness and social isolation can cause a lot of stress for seniors but having an elder care provider visit on a regular basis can help lower your senior parent’s stress level. Your senior parent should also try meditation and engage in hobbies that can lower stress levels like making arts and crafts.

Get More Sleep 

Another thing that can help seniors avoid diabetes is getting more sleep. Seniors should be getting at least nine hours of sleep at night, but many don’t. Having someone with your senior parent at night can alleviate their anxiety and make it easier for them to sleep because they will feel safer knowing someone is there with them. And the more sleep they get the healthier they will be. If your senior loved one has chronic insomnia or trouble sleeping talk to their doctor to see if a prescription medication may be able to help them sleep better at night.


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