Five Reasons Your Senior Might Want to Try Audiobooks

Because June is Audiobook Appreciation Month, you might want to consider finding options that help your senior to enjoy listening to audiobooks more often. Even if your senior hasn’t tried them before, audiobooks are easy to access and explore. With the help of companion care at home providers, your elderly family member can enjoy all sorts of audiobooks.


Companion Care at Home Manassas City VA: Audiobooks

Companion Care at Home Manassas City VA: Audiobooks


She Doesn’t Have to Hold a Book

For some seniors, holding a book is difficult. They can often feel heavy, especially if your elderly family member has issues with grip strength or joint issues. Even an e-reader can be difficult to hold at times, especially if your senior is having a bad day. Audiobooks don’t have to be held. Your senior can do other things if she wants as she listens and there’s no reason for her to tire out her hands.

She Doesn’t Have to Strain Her Eyes

Your senior can rest her eyes with an audiobook, too. This is especially helpful if your elderly family member’s vision is getting extremely bad or if she has health issues that cause her to have more trouble sometimes seeing easily. Migraine auras, for instance, can significantly impact your senior’s ability to see. Listening to an audiobook is just one option for helping her to continue enjoying a book when she can’t see well.

Audiobooks Are Easier to Use than Ever Before

The best news is that audiobooks are so much easier to use than ever before. In the past, your elderly family member might have had to wrestle with a tape player or a CD player to use an audiobook. Now, with streaming options available, your elderly family member can access audiobooks from anywhere with just a tap. Companion care at home can help your senior to learn how to use the different tools she might need in order to listen to audiobooks.

There Are So Many Different Options

No matter what your senior enjoys reading, whether that’s nonfiction books or everything from mystery novels to the classics, she can find audiobooks for all of them. And if your senior is open to finding new authors and genres, there are tons and tons of options. Also, your senior can access audiobooks straight from the library in a downloadable format or purchase audiobooks from a variety of different vendors.

Your Senior Can Listen While Doing Anything at All

Your elderly family member can listen to audiobooks at any time of day and with other people. Your senior may enjoy sharing audiobooks she really enjoys with companion care at home, for instance. She can listen alone, while she’s doing nothing at all, or while she’s doing crafts. Audiobooks help your elderly family member to enjoy listening to engaging content while she does whatever else she wants or needs to do. They can also be a great distraction when she has to wait.

Audiobooks are a great way for your senior to be entertained and to keep her brain challenged and engaged. All of those are excellent activities for keeping your senior’s brain as healthy as possible, too.


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