What Does it Mean to Say “No” to Caregiving?

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Family caregivers tend to avoid saying no if they can help it because they don’t want to disappoint their elderly loved ones. Saying no doesn’t have to be permanent, though, and it can be a way to help you determine what else you need on your caregiving journey.

It Depends on Your Own Limitations

Saying “no” to all or part of caregiving really varies depending on your own situation and limitations. There may be some situations, such as handling bathing for your loved one that you’re just not prepared to handle on an emotional level. There may also be some times that your no coincides with an equal no from your elderly loved one. So there are a lot of variables that can factor in.

No Could Mean that You Need a Break

If you’ve been burning your candle at both ends and the middle, you may be finding yourself saying no more often simply because you’re exhausted and you need a break. Sometimes stepping back could be the answer and you find that your no is a temporary one. If you don’t give yourself that break, however, you may find your no to be more permanent.

No Could Mean that You Need Extra Help

For some family caregivers, no simply means that they can’t continue doing everything all alone. Many family caregivers find themselves in a situation in which they don’t have all the help that they need as often as they need it. You may find that hiring senior care providers removes the obstacles that made you say no. You may also find that saying no helps other family members step up and offer more practical help.

No Could Mean that You Want a Different Relationship with Your Loved One

In some situations, your loved one’s changing health conditions can be enough to make you realize that you want to spend the time that you have left in a much different type of relationship with your loved one. You may want to find more permanent care for her so that you can focus on simply loving her and spending time with her.

Having an understanding of your own limitations and what you can do can help you to interpret your own “no” when it comes to caregiving.

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